My double dose of Bloomberg (Radio/TV) slowed down my reads –  here they are for your lunchtime reading pleasure:

• Global Strategists Abandoning Bearish Views (Bloomberg)
• When Stocks Declare Their First Dividend – Look Out! (The Reformed Broker)
• The Paradox of China Prosperity (Economist) see also China Economy Heading for ‘Hard Landing’ as Exports Falter (Bloomberg)
• Bernanke mission may boost Obama (Market Watch)
• Corzine Is the Invisible Man (WSJ)
WTF Bill Gross?  Life – and Death Proposition (Pimco)
• Europe is stuck on life support ( see also Why the Early U.S. Didn’t Go the Way of the Euro (Bloomberg)
• Teens: More multimedia = less happy and less socially comfortable (The Wirecutter)
• Scanner Apps Turn the Phone Into a Fax Machine (NYT)
• Super PACs helping Republican candidates close in on Obama (Washington Post) but see Polls Show President’s Message On Tax Fairness Popular, But Jobs Still Key (TPM)

What are you reading?


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10 Responses to “10 Thursday Mid-Day Reads”

  1. Gator81 says:

    “Apple’s problem with the inscrutable Chinese ” by Cam Hui

  2. gordo365 says:

    Headline should read “Super PACs helping destroy citizen’s faith in rule of law an Democracy…”

    Look – if I can’t count on laws being enforced, and laws are written by/for those who pay for campaigns – then I have to shift my behavior to a much more aggressive and predatory stance.

    I’ll become like Chinese who gain leverage with others before signing contracts with them – just in case.

  3. VennData says:

    Trump really is a Republican…

    “…Businessman and reality TV personality Donald Trump is endorsing Mitt Romney in the race for the 2012 Republican nomination, CNN reported on Thursday, a day after U.S. media reported the real estate mogul would be endorsing Romney’s rival Newt Gingrich after he had earlier endorsed himself…”,0,4684833.story

    … there just isn’t a “Reagan” who can make people feel like he supports what they support, and can raise taxes, tariffs, and retreat from Lebanon, and we still love him. ROFL!

  4. VennData says:

    ‘Huffington Post’ Employee Sucked Into Aggregation Turbine,27244/

  5. Singmaster says:

    sound familiar?
    The former chief risk officer at MF Global who raised red flags about the firm’s aggressive trading bets told lawmakers that his warnings contributed to the firm’s decision to let him go in early 2011.

  6. Greg0658 says:

    BenB on CNBC this morning testify’g to a House .. w/?s from Debbie D-FL .. he gets the Law of Math / missed the Laws at that school of what goes up must come down & excesses must go away

  7. Ideator says:

    Regarding “When Stocks Declare Their First Dividend – Look Out!” (The Reformed Broker)

    The article says that “the announcement of a company’s first dividend can be an amazing entry point for investors”, but the table measures each stock’s performance from the day BEFORE the dividend announcement. How does one consistently buy a stock the day BEFORE an announcement?

  8. rd says:

    Amity shlaes is beating the drum to have low tax rates on the rich:

    She is using the 1920s as proof. Apparently, the fact that we have a presidential candidate that paid less than 15% in income taxes during a period with unemployment challenging the 1930s and early 80s is not an appropriate historical case worth studying.

  9. jacobsk says:

    This humble chart reader posted this link in the 2nd week of December in these comments section, not sure anyone believed it at that time.

  10. loebd says:

    WTF Bill Gross is right.