My just got back from the beach reads :

• For Whom The Bailout Tolls (A Fistful Of Euros) see also Portugal Needs More Money To Stay Afloat (
• SEC May Ticket Speeding Traders (WSJ)
• Meredith’s Whitney’s Selective Memory ( see also Meredith Whitney Lands Book Deal (DealBook)
• ‘Germany Has Been the Winner in the Globalization Process’ (
• iPad trademark dispute shows troubles of doing business in China (Washington Post) see also Chinese Labor, Cheap No More (NYT)
• Economic crisis slows U.S. population growth (USA Today)
• Web Firms to Adopt ‘No Track’ Button (WSJ)
• Facebook Insiders Are the Ones Pushing $100 Billion Value (Bloomberg)
Seeing Red: Netflix Recent Rise & Fall  (Vanity Fair)
• Everything I Needed to Know about Modern Love I Learned from the Oxford English Dictionary Quarterly Updates (Big Think)

What are you reading?


New Push for Reform in China

Source: WSJ

Category: Financial Press

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  1. Jojo says:

    You can read the full article w/o a WSJ subscription at the Yahoo link below.
    SEC May Ticket Speeding Traders (WSJ)

  2. Jojo says:

    Nice rant here:
    An Open Letter to the Republican National Committee: I am your demographic and you’ve lost my vote

    I am your demographic.

    I am a white, middle-class, male, 40-something. white collar, family man, a son of immigrants, former military, patriot, and raised Catholic. I have voted Republican in almost every primary and election since I turned 18. That means I voted for Reagan, Bush, Dole, and Bush. Last election I was so disillusioned with you, I voted for Obama. This year neither one of the main candidates will get my vote, and let me tell you why.

    I am a middle-class, white collar businessman and have been for 20 years. I watched through the latest crisis how the people that bankroll you and you pass laws for have absolutely destroyed the economy in this country. Offshoring, outsourcing, downsizing, rightsizing, securitization; all doctrines used in the name of “shareholder value” that have eviscerated the middle class and eliminated entire industries. I have seen friends’ careers destroyed, neighborhoods laid waste, and whole communities suffer all for a little more EPS. These people you take your orders from are criminal and traitors and should all be behind bars, some of you included.

  3. drewburn says:

    I don’t think you stayed on vacation long enough. You may be Type A, Barry. Did Mrs. BP want to come home so soon?

  4. formerlawyer says:

    @drewburn Says:
    Hah! You just want to see the streak of the BR factor for the stock markets to continue!

  5. Mcox023 says:

    “GOP’s radioactive anti-Obama rhetoric”

    I don’t necessarily agree with everything here, as both parties are victims of running toxic campaign tactics. Ultimately a more Moderate candidate is needed in my opinion, but with our country as polarized as it is now this appears to be a long shot. Bring back the Bull Moose Party!

  6. mathman says:
    Million-dollar foreclosures rise as rich walk away

    “Five years after the housing bubble burst, America’s wealthiest families are now losing their homes to foreclosure at a faster rate than the rest of the country — and many of them are doing so voluntarily.

    Over 36,000 homes valued at $1 million or more were foreclosed on — or at least served with a notice of default — in 2011, according to data compiled by RealtyTrac, which tracks foreclosures. While that’s less than 2% of all foreclosures nationwide, it represents a much bigger share of foreclosure activity than in previous years.

    “These properties are accounting for a bigger piece of the foreclosure pie,” said Daren Blomquist, vice president of RealtyTrac.

    Out of all foreclosure activity, the share of foreclosures on properties valued at $1 million or more has risen by 115% since 2007 while the share of multi-million dollar foreclosures — or homes valued at more than $2 million — jumped by 273%. Meanwhile, the share of foreclosures on mid-range properties valued between $500,000 and $1 million fell by 21%.”

    and (via Financial Armegedon):

    Junk ETFs Draw Most Cash on Record as High-Yield Hunt Speeds Up

  7. AlexM says:

    Meredith Whitney’s muni bond call marked the bottom culminating in a ginormous 16% rise in MUB. Lots of people got hurt with her call, selling at the bottom.

    Now she is writing a book that is justifying her call?

    Many municipalities have laid off workers and are now seeing rising revenues and are recovering nicely.

    I knew it was a bonehead call then and now in retrospect she should be hiding her face in shame.

    But we know that most Wall Streeters have no shame, not where making a buck for themselves are concerned.

  8. Mike in Nola says:

    The “do not track” button is something to comfort the credulous.

    Of course, the decent companies will respect your wishes; you wouldn’t need a button for that: just a browser setting that Google has ignored, as has most likely Facebook. It still doesn’t prevent the sociopaths (is that still a proper term?) from tracking you, which they will. It’s like writing an antivirus program that depends trusting the malware authors to not attack your computer if you ask nicely.

    Everyone needs to protect his/her self with either the anti-tracking lists capability built ito IE9 or analogous add ons for Firefox and Safari that actively block the SOB’s

  9. ricecake says:

    Inflation is running back home to the U.S.A.

  10. ricecake says:

    Corporate profits and inflation:

    Take Knotti”s Berry Farm Fruit Jam cookie for example: size and number of the cookie is the same but the portion of the fruit jam is less than half as much as it used to be (in the center of the cookie.)

    Afraid soon will have to start making cookie from scratch myself instead of buying.

  11. Frwip says:

    XKCD is excellent tonight.

    Well, XKCD is always most excellent, but given Barry’s skepticism in re Facebook…

  12. [...] – Further, further reading. [...]

  13. frodo1314 says:

    BR – I am very interested in your take and view on the Minimum Wage and the effect rasing it has on the economy and jobs. I have read the arguments made in this article many times previously and given that I consider you my “economic guru” I would like to know where you stand on them please. Thanks.


    BR: Does this assignment count towards the final grade?

  14. frodo1314 says:

    Ha – funny does sound like an asignment, huh? Sorry, didn’t mean it that way. Was just wondering if you have opined on this in the past and perhaps it was somethign you wanrted to get into here again. As Gilda Radner on SNL used to say as Emily Latella: “Never mind.”