My morning reads:

• Those Millions on Facebook? Some (most, actually) May Not Actually Visit (DealBook)
• All measures of unemployment are falling (Washington Post) but see Is glass half empty or half full? (Market Watch)
• This is NOT a tech bubble (CNN Money)
Yeah! DOX Faces Forgery Charges in Mortgage Foreclosures (NYT)
• Admit It: Countrywide Is Bankrupt (American Banker) see also For Sale: AIG’s Subprime Bonds (WSJ)
• The downward mobility of the American middle class. (CS Monitor)
• Bondpocalypse? Again, Don’t Count On It (WSJ)
• CR says “The Housing Bottom is Here” (Calculated Risk) see also Banks Pay Homeowners to Avoid Foreclosures (Bloomberg)
• The meaning of the Transports’ weakness (Market Watch)
• Chrysler and Clint Make Obama’s Day (and Ruin Karl Rove’s) (NY Mag) and Clint Eastwood defends himself over ‘political’ Super Bowl ad (Telegraph)

What are you reading?


Bulls on Asia See Room to Roam

Source: WSJ

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6 Responses to “10 Tuesday AM Reads”

  1. rd says:

    Re: Missouri forgery case – I have been baffled why this type of low-hanging fruit has not been pursued by the states to date. All of the robosigning issues that I have seen reported on to date rely on forged documents in order to make the foreclosures happen. Signing an affidavit as a notary public with a forged signature and somebody else’s stamp. I know that in New York, forging notarized documents can be classified as felony, misdemeanour and/or perjury with jail terms for all. Presumably a systematic pattern with multiple people doing this inside an organization could open the door up to RICO-types of charges. Since these actions have occurred recently, the stutues of limitations for many of thm still have several years to run.

    Re: Clint Eastwood’s Super Bowl Ad – apparently the Rovians are bleating about this ad (which I thought was one of the most positive things I had seen on TV in the past three years). I assume that this means that the Republican Party will be firmly getting behind the movement to eliminate bailouts, subsidies, and tax breaks for all of their corporate donors to help us control the deficit and reduce government interference.

  2. VennData says:

    Russia’s ham-fisted handling of Syria is alienating the GCC as well as the Arab Spring nations….

    …and will over shadow their greatest scientific achievement since Sputnik.

    Their eventual climb down will be worse than the stay-the-course UN vote they just muffed. No wonder the 20-below streets are not-too-cold for anti-Putin activists.

  3. rm17tink says:

    It seems to me that their model of not only obtaining marketing data on my habits but also to increase their own targeted ads via the ever more present mobile site, might detract me in the near future. I don’t think going onto a site that is essentially my own networked entertainment should look like the front page of They should gather all they can while im still hyper-active, but then again as I age so will my resilience to “claimed markets of target”

  4. mathman says:

    The ‘Bernanke Zone’:
    Seven things I learned about transition from communism

  5. VennData says:

    Five Reasons why Windows 8 will be dead on arrival

    You can be sure the marketing-unaware “investors” such as Bing-loving CNBCoothsayer Joe Terranova will touting Ballmer’s latest addition to the late-stage adoption-cycle of the “trailblazing” the Microsoft research team.

    Bing? Are you kidding me? Joe? Bing?

    Hey Joe, how’s the book? I especially like the “Buy High” part of the title. As for the “buy and hold is dead” tag line… it’s worked OK since 2009, hasn’t it? Since 1982? Since the 1930′s?

    When someone tells you Buy and Hold is dead, run.

    Buy, Hold and Rebalance one a year and you will outperform the average investor year-in-year out, due to lower costs. And you won’t have to “buy and read” any books.

  6. Re: Clint Eastwood’s Super Bowl Ad

    peep may care for ‘some’ add’l Background..the “Big Three”, in toto, has been a CorpGov-Creation “from the drop”…

    this facet, below, highlights GM, et al. takedown of the ‘Intraurban’ Transit begin with..