John Iarussi recently documented a rare experience – relocating a small helicopter from Portland, OR to Tallahassee, FL.

It is strangely hypnotic to watch this trip of 3200 miles over 8 days condensed into a few minutes; America from 1000 feet.

Cross country delivery of a Schweizer 300C, from Portland, Oregon to Tallahassee, FL for Adapt Air

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Tools: Schweizer 300C helicopter, time lapse GoPro Hero

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6 Responses to “Cross Country Helicopter Time Lapse”

  1. I like anything that turns combusted fuel into joy

  2. Lariat1 says:

    My husband would agree with you whole heartedly.

  3. Jojo says:

    Just made me dizzy.

  4. lelford says:

    Thanks Barry. I did 22 hours flying across most of Canada a few years back in an Enstrom 480 turbine. What a way to see the world. Thanks for bringing back memories for which I did not record that well.
    Larry Elford, Canada

    PS. I talked to you about a year ago about a “fraudtalks” conference in Calgary. Thanks for the interest you had back then. It did not go off just as I planned it, but here is a video of how we allow financial self regulation to help steal about $60 billion a year from investors and taxpayers up here. “self regulation is decriminalization”

  5. Very cool!

    This made me curious about what kind of mileage and other stats re one of these. Its actually not too bad all things considered! Especially since their routes can be ‘as the crow flies’… (10 gallons/hr at a cruise speed of about 85 mph)

    Schweizer 300-C

    Max Gross Weight (lbs) 1750

    Std Fuel Capacity (Gal) 32

    Useful Weight (w / Full Fuel) 470

    Fuel Burn (Approx) 10 Gal / Hr

    Horsepower 180

    Passengers 2

    Cruise Airspeed (kts / mph) 80 / 92

  6. Greg0658 says:

    made me dizzy too .. liked to have seen a simple map / outline USA and the track superimposed somehow

    “can be ‘as the crow flies’” .. not this time for some reason – maybe the Rockies atmosphere – because they went south generally along the Pacific then Arizona over to New Mexico to finish onto Florida .. I checked a map when it was like day5 or 6 outof 8 and they were still only in NM / but that really was a long part of the trip

    oh and spent to much time in refuel ports for my taste