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14 Responses to “Fox News vs Amsterdam”

  1. ByteMe says:

    Holland is reviewing whether to keep celebrating Christmas. I heard it on FOX.

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  3. Frilton Miedman says:

    Fox news is a lie.

    In the same way “professional wrestling” was, it took years of insisting to fans that it was fake before it finally sank in, Hulk Hogans bouts were nothing but rehearsed circus side shows.

    Fox is also nothing but rehearsed circus side shows, it caters to the same demography as the WWE.

  4. Moss says:

    I hope Bill O is right.. that it is coming to get him and the other Fox puppets, bigots, and liars off the air.

  5. Mike in Nola says:

    He admits in the end that he doesn’t care about facts. Just like the other neocons who “make our own reality.” . After his “facts” were shown to be wrong, “I don’t care what goes on in the Netherlands.”

  6. wngoju says:

    Beautiful. Sad. Infuriating.

    Fox and it’s running dogs are the horribly mutated replicants. They look human, but are not. Where are the Blade Runners?

  7. Myheadhurts says:

    Sad, typical, disgusting–nothing new from Fox. The really sad thing is how much of the rest of the world seems to get their perceptions of “Americans” as rigid, ignorant, prejudiced, intolerant, conservative, and abrasive reinforced from seeing the likes of Bill O and the rest of the clowns at FoxNews… Oh, and how many Americans buy the c#$p that Fox is selling is really sad too.

  8. As we see in this segment, the Republican Party, and the right-wing paramedia like Fox News, don’t care about facts, and don’t care about policies. They hate “those people”, and want you to hate them too.

    But the reason we care about the government is because it implements policies that affect people’s lives.

    Therefore, being a Republican means not caring about America. Being a Republican means being unpatriotic.

  9. theexpertisin says:

    Just goes to show that Neanderthal rednecks can be entertained by pseudo news and a pretty lady. Just like Ivy League elites.

  10. adamsdc says:

    Yes, Holland is a great place, except of course if you are Pim Fortuyn, Theo van Gough, or the political refugee Ayaan Hirsi Ali who is living in the USA because the Dutch police refused to provide her security from all of the death threats she got for exposing all of the “honor killings” of young Muslim girls in Holland. Not to mention lots of other examples

  11. dcm7 says:

    I am sorry to hear about honor killings in Holland – but the police can’t get to people who secretly murder their kids behind closed doors. The Saudi police, the Kuwaiti police, the Indonesian police, the Kenyan police, the Egyptian police, etc. NONE OF THEM STOP “honor killings”. They didn’t even stop the planned riot by extremists at the soccer match in Egypt this week…and they got what they wanted: a stop to football games. They are turning Egypt into another Afghanistan. Look at what they do to their own in Afghanistan when the Taliban was in charge: murdering students, stopping girls from going to school, etc. My own father was shot in front of me when I was a kid in muslim Indonesia where (Jakarta – Obama’s training ground): his crime, being an American who took in foster kids, spoke the language and treated his engineer peers with respect. He survived the attack — but there was no honor amongst his attackers….
    I have been to Amsterdam many times – shocking place at night really. Played in a band in Europe as a teen and liked the cafe’s for all the wrong reasons – I didn’t go for the coffee in those days. Yes, there were no police. But to call it safe? I think Bill O painted Holland with too broad a brush but, safe? I had a couple illegals try to con me out of my cash. They lost…but only because I had my wits about me; no police ever showed up — tourists didn’t seem to notice a 15 year old getting accosted by 2 Africans with a knife in their hand. It was stupid of me to be out on the streets alone: but teens do stupid stuff. Anyway: I still like Holland. But safe? No where is safe if you happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time…no matter what the country.

  12. gordonq says:

    I can’t think of anything worse than what’s already been said. Boy, y’all said a mouthful. It’s sure good to be on the side that gets it all right. Makes me feel downright righteous! Hallelujah, brothers, kick that ol’ devil. Let’s book a trip to Amsterdam get some o’ that stuff, it’ll clean ya up dam good.

  13. laturb says:

    There’s one important percentage comparison between the US and Holland, and that’s related to Alzheimer’s disease. Between the ages of 65-74, sufferers in Holland account for 3% of the population, whilst in the U.S. the figure is 13%.
    Considering this, I wonder that Fox should consider putting O’Rielly out to grass.