Just in time for the next FOMC announcement, via William Banzai:

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3 Responses to “FRB Hand Signals”

  1. mathman says:

    Great graphic! The “ref” looks so familiar . . .

    Numbers 21 and 34 are my faves, with 17 coming in right up there.

    i saw this and thought others might want to view it:


    The Scary Danger of Meat (Even for Those Who Don’t Eat It)
    “The government has rolled over once again for Big Meat and we may be in more danger from antibiotic-resistant superbugs.” (read more if interested)

  2. rd says:

    He has unfortunately made two large error in his signals.

    The two hands over the head in signal 6 does not mean “handcuffs” as that word cannot be found in the dictionary used by these referees. Instead, it means that you have successfuly gotten access to all of the investors money in their bank accounts and they have to give it to you.

    Similarly, Signal 29 does not mean “perp walk in progress” as no penalties are ever awarded to players infringing the rules. Instead, it means that the government regulators are coming over hat in hand to beg forgiveness for causing interference in response to a Signal 33.

  3. PrahaPartizan says:

    Has the use of this diagram been officially sanctioned by the the Banzai Institute (see here: )? We wouldn’t want to upset the good Doctor Banzai. Of course, the diagram does reveal that the world of finance does operate on another plane of existence.