Those of you who have been blog readers for a long time know the uncanny correlation between my travel and market dislocations.

The ugliest example was the flight back from Dallas to NY during the flash crash. Landed — hmmmm, down 300 — but had no idea what happened. January 2009, February 2011, August 2011 — all pretty dicey. And I was on the road for many months in 2008, and markets were lower every time I returned.

Readers have repeatedly asked for a heads up — so this is it.

Now, of course I don’t believe in this, and the correlations are surely coincidental. But before you dismiss this, recall the words of Niels Bohr, Nobel Prize winning Physicist (1922). He had a horseshoe above his door, and when a visitor asked him about it, he mentioned it was a good luck charm.

“Do you really believe in that?” the visitor asked?

Bohr replied “Of course not … but I am told it works even if you don’t believe in it.”

I’ll still be posting, and tweeting some photos — but i wont be back until the 27th!

Enjoy your 3 day weekend!

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20 Responses to “Heads Up: I am traveling all of next week”

  1. Joel50 says:

    How about a flash meltup for a change?

  2. jaymaster says:

    Dammit, why couldn’t you pass along this info before the markets closed?!?!

    I was THIS close to taking some profits this afternoon, but I decided to give it another few days.

    Next thing you know, Greece will collapse this weekend or something…

  3. Pantmaker says:

    Whew…just finished my final installment…now fully loaded short….safe travels Mr lucky rabbits foot!! I am completely serious.

  4. bear_in_mind says:

    Ah, sounds like a time for a rental of SPX and QQQ shorts… safe travels!

  5. emaij says:

    MiFi + flights with wifi = Problem solved.

  6. Todd in SM says:

    jaymaster – perhaps he does that on purpose.


  7. machinehead says:

    Go, Barry, go!

    Let it be silver this time.

    (This is not investment advice.) :-)

  8. roth.2008 says:

    I remember someone saying that correlation is not causation…where can I get an autographed Neils Bohr horsehoe?

  9. Simon says:

    I’m not in the market now but if I were I’d be weary. I’ve been saying for a long time now the next black swan will be social and political not financial. The financial curtain has been drawn right back and we have all clearly seen the wizard. However a new set of beautiful clothes was sewen up for him and those that matter were suitably impressed.

    Trouble is those that don’t matter are suffering more and more and stand to lose less and less. There is nothing more dangerous than an angry man with nothing to lose. The policy makers in Europe and some in American and more throughout the business and banking world seem to have lost sight of this. That can happen when inequality gets too great.

    There are many flash points in the world. Economic, political and natural disaster zones. China Iran Greece Japan. Likely there are at least as many more that I don’t know about. Having said that this is not a new situation and good investors get on and invest as they see fit.

  10. pintelho says:

    yeah what jaymaster said..thanks for telling us after the market close…enjoy the trip while we all get poorer.

  11. GuinnessFan says:

    Interesting. So Time Warner and MSG finally settle today. Now that the Knicks are once again available to TWC subscribers will Linsanity suffer the curse of the BR travels? Inquiring minds want to know.

  12. VennData says:

    For Jehovah’s sake be careful. Remember, Larry Kudlow used to talk incessantly about the bird flu? ( whenever Bush did something stupid) well they are going to release a report! …On the Bird Flu!

    Interesting how last week the good jobs data led to a week-long focus on contraception. Haven’t heard much about it other than GOP SuperPAC financiers…

    … and their apologists on AM radio…

    Oh the damn media. It used to be “jobs, jobs, jobs” Right Rush? How is your stock portfolio Rush? Mr. Freiss? …and just when we’re coming up on the anniversary of Obama’s stock market call of the century…

    … I can’t wait to hear the distractions they throw out there to get you to forget you could have doubled your money in the stock market if you had ignored them. So, listen up GOP voter! Listen to Rush, and buy when he says to. You GO(p) Girl!

  13. doodie says:

    Whoopie!! I am short and this market is hurting my head.

  14. eren says:

    i shorted the market todayyyyy

  15. herewegoagain says:

    “Superstition is belief in the causal nexus.” Ludwig Wittgenstein (written with his lucky pen)

  16. rktbrkr says:

    First ECB avoids taking haircut on Greek bonds (which it bought at discount so they aren’t avoiding losses they’re making a profit on the misery of others), next national central banks want similar treatment and if that happens all the losses get shifted to the private investors. It’s like a big teeter-totter where a bunch of kids jump off when it touches ground and the kids on the other end get the tough landing. The private Greek bondholders are getting that tough landing without being able to collect “insurance” because it’s not a “credit event”.

    After this hard lesson private investors will demand higher yields on other PIIGS bonds (and lower premiums on credit insurance) so the debt financing costs of the PIIGS could increase substantially and worsen their deficit/slow growth spiral. “Saving” Greece in this way could kill the other little PIIGS (Italy and Spain not so little)

  17. mathman says:

    Enjoy your vacation!

  18. stonedwino says:

    Long 3 day weekend and BR away on vacation? Look out below! we should be wagering on this guys…is Greece going down and taking the EU with it? Is the Iran spat about to blow? I cannot wait to find out what’s next….

  19. Old Rob says:

    Great! The BR Index.s will go to hell next week. We’re all doomed now!

    Save travels, Barry!

  20. Jim67545 says:

    I recall a science fiction short story I read probably 40 years ago in which the world created this enormous computer and asked it the question, “When will the world/mankind become extinct.” The computer cogitated for days and ultimately answered that everything would end when a certain young boy, alive at that time, died. They say that reality is stranger than fiction. Ever consider vacations at home?