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2 Responses to “How Small Business Operate”

  1. GeorgeBurnsWasRight says:

    I think percentages rather than hours would have been better, plus I don’t know of any small businesses which operate on a 40-hour work week. Most of them, especially during the early years, are closer to a 40-hour day.

    Speaking of new businesses, I worked for a company which specialized in working with them, particularly with chiropractors who were just about to graduate from school. When I found a student who looked like they could stand the truth, I told them that unless they just worked for another doctor, they were in for a big adjustment. They went to school because they wanted to help people, but I told them that for quite a few months seeing patients was going to be like a hobby as they dealt with all of the details of starting a business, none of which they had been taught in school. Later feedback was that if anything my advice was an understatement. So I’d guess that the chart figures are for a business which has managed to survive its initial years.

  2. MrPeabody says:

    I agree that it’s very undersubscribed wrt hours. Conducting business including contacts and marketing would make up the first forty or so.

    Since we’re technical alot of my writing is done in the early hours before the phone starts to ring or I need to manage something or call people to shake money out of them either as a prospect or for collections.