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3 Responses to “Most Mentioned NFL Players on “SportsCenter””

  1. ByteMe says:

    Did Eli Manning shrink? Uh uh!!

  2. Mike in Nola says:

    Hard to find Eli in there. Glad to see someone with class win. Archie did a good job with his boys. He always was a class act. Too bad he got drafted by losers. I still remember seeing one of his last games on Monday Night Football after he wound up in Minnesota. He looked world class that night.

    Would not have liked to see the two-timing baby daddy with another ring.

  3. EMichael says:

    The reality that Tebow is the most mentioned player on SportsCenter is a comment on our society.
    Meaning no disrespect to him, as he seems to be a nice kid, but this is beyond silly.

    It is like having George Will being the most mentioned “player” on climate change. Or Robert Samuelson being the most mentioned “player” on anything that has math involved.

    We’re just stupid.