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Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

Courtesy of Classic Driver


“The fastest Ferrari ever built” comes with a new high-performance 12-cylinder — an exceptional new engine and a ‘proper’ mid-front-engined format.

The F12berlinetta sports a 6262cc 65° V12 delivering up to 740HP and 690Nm of torque, 80 per cent of which is available from just 2,500rpm. Ferrari promises us “an unrelenting surge of acceleration all the way to the 8,700rpm limit.”

The engine is mated to the F1 dual-clutch transmission, with closer gear ratios developed specifically for this car’s performance. The result is a 0-62mph time of just 3.1 seconds, with the all-important lap of the Fiorano circuit completed in 1min 23sec – faster than any other Ferrari road car.

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10 Mid-Week AM Reads

Here are my morning reads: • Economy in U.S. Grew at 3% Pace in 4th (Bloomberg) see also U.S. Growth Revised Up (WSJ) • Doubtful Signs of a Criminal Case Against MF Global (DealBook) • Risk On: Was 2008 Just a Bad Dream? (Businessweek) see also Why it took the Dow so long to eclipse…Read More

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I Want To Live In The Overlap

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Auctioning Democracy Data Appendix


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If only we had an exit poll of European bankers

As there are no exit polls of European bankers on why they borrowed money from the ECB at a 1% cost for three years, we can only guess. Compared with 523 banks taking 489b euros from the ECB in Dec, 800 banks borrowed 529.5b euros. The quantity was about in line with expectations and of…Read More

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The Impact of Bias: Investors, Economists & Analysts

One of the more difficult things you human investors have to deal with is how your own heuristics, biases and cognitive deficits impact your views. It is how you are wired, a flaw in your wetware, and it consistently trips up your results. I am not referring to the obvious sentiment extremes — greedily buying…Read More

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Higher, but not a blow out take up of ECB’s LTRO

Very short note today, as I have just got back to London and need to get back into the swing of things. Will start writing my daily notes from next Monday. Over 800 banks (523 previously) subscribed for E529.5bn of the ECB’s LTRO funding – slightly above expectations of around E500bn, but, in my humble…Read More

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Michael Lewis: Don’t Let Big Banks Hold Us Hostage

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Greece DSA

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The Periodic Table Table

Some people collect stamps. Wolfram Research co-founder and author Theo Gray collects elements. Step into his office, and you’ll see a silicon disc engraved with Homer Simpson, a jar of mercury, uranium shells and thousands of other chemical artifacts. But his real DIY masterpiece is the world’s first “periodic table table.” Within this masterfully constructed…Read More

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