Max Blumenthal’s latest takes us on a shocking and at times bizarre tour of right-wing Pastor John Hagee’s annual Washington-Israel Summit, blowing the cover off the Christian Zionist movement in the process. Starring Joe Lieberman, Tom DeLay, Pastor John Hagee, Ambassador Dore Gold and a host of rapture-ready evangelicals praying for Armaggedon.

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18 Responses to “Rapture Ready: The Christians United for Israel Tour”

  1. Alan says:

    This isn’t his latest but it’s still apt to today’s GOP–maybe even more so.

  2. theexpertisin says:

    We are observing a group of Americans that may be of a different value set than many of us, and Max Blumenthal. Compared to the trash and grotesque OWSers, whom would you rather have as your neighbor?

    Blumenthal is just another Jew in name only who has a good knack of presence with his well modulated voice and selected edits. No different, and perhaps worse in some respects than numbnuts on the far right who he mocks in his snarky way.

  3. gethoht says:

    Scary shit… and they all vote GOP.

  4. Moss says:

    Pawns of the Military Industrial Complex, brainwashed by the right-wing fear mongers. Primarily out for personnel gain on the backs of ignorance. Texas is a very scary place.

  5. “…Starring Joe Lieberman…”

    yes, of course, it’s ‘All GOP/’Right-Wing’, All the Time..’

    you flippin’ ‘people’ should lay off the ‘InkBlots’..

  6. econimonium says:

    If you’re sentient, this is a great reason to run screaming from the GOP. In case you weren’t already convinced by watching the clown show so far. Now we have the front runner and his magic underwear for good measure.

    This is what wants to lead the free world. Ugh.

  7. oldbluejeans says:

    Thomas Paine, Carl Sagan . . . did you live in vain? Is science and reason so far removed from the lives of these people that they can still believe in talking snakes and “end times”? As Carl Sagan says: “the candle flickers . . .”

  8. CitizenWhy says:

    These people wish misery on humanity. If there is a devil, he would be proud to call them his own.

  9. CitizenWhy says:

    These people see the world as one big lunatic football game.

  10. victor says:

    Freedom of religion comes in many ways. The young reporter had it coming to him when they kicked him out. He might get a warmer reception at a “Devil’s Worshippers” convention. Mohamed failed miserably to convert to Islam the Jews of the Arabian Peninsula. Spain’s Catholic kings didn’t fare better either. I dont see how, when and why present/future Jews would convert to Christianity. As for the politicians present, well, they’d do anything for a vote. Having said that, Joe Lieberman (Orthodox Jew) is a stand up fellow American. By the way, traditionally the Jewish vote has always gone heavily Democrat so the comments about the crowd voting GOP are off the mark. Hagee looks awful, overweight, haggard, he may not even make it… LOL.

  11. bonzo says:

    The problem is lack of accountability. People can believe anything, talk out of their a** all day long, and no one call them for it, they never suffer for it. Open loop, no feedback as EE’s would say. Whole society is like this. Those batsh*t crazy women doing those stupid dances is what impressed me most strongly. Stars in a drama of their own imagination. It’s all about me. No one cares anymore about the relationship between their actions and the consequences in the world of reality. All that matters is how you feel right now doing whatever you’re doing. If it feels good, do it. (Wasn’t that a hippie slogan from the 1960′s?)

  12. bonzo says:

    Oh, one more thing. You just know Hagee said something like “Who the hell’s that Jewboy?” backstage to his aides after Blumenthal asked his questions.

  13. kiru9867 says:

    Max Blumenthal is also an interesting character. The following is copied from wikipedia entry on Max Blumenthal:

    In 2011, Blumenthal wrote a story claiming that Israeli forces trained American police departments in anti-protestor techniques, including torture, quoting Fordham Law Professor Karen Greenberg in support.[17]. Contacted by Jeffrey Goldberg of The Atlantic and Adam Serwer of Mother Jones, Greenberg denied making the statement attributed to her and claimed Blumenthal mischaracterized her remarks.[18][19] Blumenthal responded that he quoted Greenberg accurately and speculated that she had been “intimidated by Goldberg and the pro-Israel forces he represents.”[20]


  14. censeo says:

    This is pure perversion. (And Lieberman is a toady.)

  15. V says:

    Barry you forgot to tag this #Loons.

  16. ilsm says:

    3000 F-35′s that do not work will surely bring on armageddon.

    11 super carriers………………..

    There are lots of war profiteering to be had in armageddon.

    Let’s all go to Meggido…………………

  17. MidlifeNocrisis says:

    Scary stuff. The good news is the human race is becoming more intelligent over time. We have learned a lot over the last 10,000 years. Hopefully, one day the number of people on the planet that rely on witchcraft, voodo, mythology, and other assorted religious beliefs will be very small. The greatest thing our forefathers did for us was to try to separate the powers of church and State.

  18. geobdg says:

    Favorite Parts:

    - “Do you think these are good allies for Israel”…..asked to someone named “Nick Israel”.

    - “Left Behind….you mean with Kirk Cameron from Growing Pains?”

    and of course John Hagee…..”aka MOSES!!”. (personally thinking Moses was a bit more fit after wandering around the desert for 40 years).

    And no, I’m not an anti-dentite.