America’s economic recovery is good news, unless you work for a media organization whose job it is to make sure Barack Obama doesn’t get reelected.

Check out the first segment on Fox following GOP talking points:

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4 Responses to “TDS: I Can’t Believe It Got Better!”

  1. SINGER says:

    the Republican hopefuls suck…

  2. adamsdc says:

    The USA is the only country which can expunge 2,500,000 unemployed from the stats because they gave up a search. The real unemployment rate is 15%. It may be improving for a few, but only if you ignore the real numbers.

  3. romerjt says:

    Hey adam . . . got a feeling you didn’t actually watch the Stewart clip, did ya?

    I just keep wondering what’s going through the minds of Roger Ailes and the others at Fox / GOPTV. I mean the Republican candidates for president were their dream-team. They all sounded so good on the fake news programs, how could be such a disaster and may actually be reason Obama a wins. I mean Newt sounded perfect when talking to Hannity, how come he turned out to be a joke in the real world?

    You’ve got to watch this clip just to see Meagan eyes as Frank reads from the Republican party talking points memo and actually IDENTIFIES it a such – priceless!

  4. number2son says:

    Truly priceless. “Dart him! Dart him!”