Who Is President Matters Much Less Than We Think: Freakonomics’ Stephen Dubner

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4 Responses to “Who Is President Matters Much Less Than We Think”

  1. panskeptic says:

    The Supreme Court.

    Citizens United, yes or no? Roe v. Wade, yes or no? Alito, or Sotomayor?

    Of course it matters.

  2. peachin says:

    Of Course… Let’s just go back to George W/ Dick Cheney – Of course it matters.

  3. Greg0658 says:

    Goalposts moving .. ummm .. missed PENSIONS

    but more onT – it matters but – liked the line compairing POTUS to a CEO (ya right)

    is America its Business or its People ? alas its business
    try witholding money from the America – and STARVE

  4. lelford says:

    as a Canadian, who watches your political theatre with some objectivity, having no dog in the fight, I am simply amazed at how much effort goes into the drama of presidential elections, and then how very, very little that the president actually does different than the previous guy. It strikes me as a huge distraction, a ruse to let the public think they are having a say matters of governance. It is rather sad to watch, and sad to think that we are no better here in Canada…….we (our leaders) have all been sold to the highest corporate bidders.

    http://www.youtube.com/user/investoradvocate?feature=mhum videos from a stockbroker demonstrating the sellout of public protections on investments