I did about a 20 minute interview with Pete Dominick on Friday about the Mortgage deal.


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5 Responses to “XMSR POTUS Discussion on Mortgage Deal”

  1. Sechel says:

    On the settlement, a few things are likely to happen.
    Liquidation time lines get extended
    Banks use investor 1st liens to satisfy their “obligations”
    Obama touts is intervention as positive for home owners
    We don’t see significant new resources committed by the DOJ & FBI toward investigating an prosecuting

    That said, I do think they’ll go after some head-line grabbing stories where suits have started. One such case may be regarding epd guidelines and securitzations…


  2. DrungoHazewood says:

    Carefully calculating the least amount of justice they can get away with. No politician, will call any politician on it, because all politicians are in on it.

  3. G3 says:

    More posts in ZH about the Jan NFP were questionable. But this one is valid

    A “Quality Assessment” Of US Jobs Reveals The Ugliest Picture Yet

    It does not contradicts the NFP report. But it does indicate the economy is not firmly turning around. Based on the credit data from the last couple of months, the current uptrend is more a confidence turn around than a substantive economic turn around. A shock from Greece or a fight in Washington can easy wreck havoc the entire market just like last summer.

    On the mortgage settlement, I do think all Obama wanted to do was to make sure enough stimulus went into the economy THIS YEAR so that he could get re-elected. Nothing else matters.


    BR: Its a very different — and legitimate — argument to say “We created 243k new jobs, but they have weaker benefits and pay less.”

  4. rct01 says:

    I still don’t get the connection of why banks screwing up foreclosure paperwork means buyers who made dumb decisions and bought assets at the peak get principle write downs? Where is the connection? I’m in total agreement with stiffly penalizing the banks…I just don’t see why the money has to reward owners who made bad decisions.

    Where’s my check for making a smart decision and not buying a property at the peak? Making sure I was prudent and not buying a property where I couldn’t afford the payment? If we are in the business of paying people when their assets drop in value, why didn’t I get a check when my mutual fund plummeted in the dotcom crash b/c some financial company sweet talked me into buying it?

    It also totally bugs me how every article out there on the mortgage settlement talks about the “poor taken advantage of homeowner”. What a crock of s***! But never mentions that what 10 people out of MILLIONS were foreclosured upon who were actually making their payments? 99.9999% of those people foreclosed on WERE NOT MAKING THEIR F-ING PAYMENTS. Yes the paperwork was done fraudulently, but almost NO ONE suffered a an injustice who were MAKING THEIR PAYMENTS. Also those articles never mention how most of the owners got in housing market at the peak over pure greed seeing their neighbors house go up by $100k, or they cash out refi’d at the peak and bought the Hummer, or they were stupid enough to take a payment of $5k/mo when they make $4k/mo.

    I think it’s disgusting that those homeowners are now being portrayed as poor victims & getting a handout. BS!!!

  5. Greg0658 says:

    1st the capture was just plain refreshing at the uneditedness of it .. we’ll call ya back your line is f ‘d / go away dog I’m on the phone :-)

    “Where’s my check for making a smart decision and not buying a property” .. I hear ya there / and yet stuck with / are we the type that won’t sign on line / make it happen / No Pain No Gain

    I blame financial education .. gots to be it .. rct01 & me – we gotta make it happen for the kids – the gov don’t make work I’ve heard

    or you know what I say – make less kids for awhile – uugh – ie: Law of Economics “more of something = less valuable”