My early morning reads:

• Risk := ON (Psy-Fi Blog)
• Why the April Jobs Report Could Be a Disaster (Iacono Research) see also The Winter of Our Content (Slate)
• Could Weak Profit Growth Pressure Stocks? (Barron’s)
• Stock Market Flaws Not So Rare, Data Shows (NYT)
• JOBS Act benefits financial criminals (Market Watch) see also Warning Flags Were Raised in MF Global Transfers (Dealbook)
• TVIX: Chaos Over a Plunging Note (WSJ)
• Enhancing the Federal Statistical System to Support U.S. Competitiveness (American Progress) see also Fiscal austerity – there is another way (Bill Mitchell)
• Goldman Ex-Prop Traders Flopping on Their Own (Naked Capitalism)
• OECD Sees Europe, U.S. Drifting Apart (WSJ)
• We’re Underestimating the Risk of Human Extinction (The Atlantic) see also Everything Was a Problem and We Did Not Understand a Thing (Slate)

What are you reading?

Copper Slumps on Disappointing Economic Data

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9 Responses to “10 Thursday AM Reads”

  1. mathman says:

    Here a man apologises to future generations:

    and here’s what we’re up against in making meaningful changes to preserve what’s left:

    “(NaturalNews) In response to mounting public backlash from the older generation, the biotechnology industry has launched a new propaganda campaign aimed at convincing children that genetically-modified (GM) crops are not only safe, but also an improvement over natural agriculture. Monsanto, Dow, Bayer, and five other major biotechnology companies and associations have collectively released the Biotechnology Basics Activity Book, a colorful guide designed to reeducate children into the false dogma of biotechnology.

    The 16-page guide — which includes word scrambles, fill-in-the-blank puzzles, and matching games — contains an introductory paragraph that claims biotechnology boosts crop yields, improves environmental conditions, and leads to more nutritious food. Throughout the book, children are told that biotechnology is changing the world for the better, which is a complete contradiction to all available independent science. And yet this guide is reportedly slated for inclusion in some school curriculums.

    “This is an activity book for young people like you about biotechnology — a really neat topic,” says the first page of the book. “Why is it such a neat topic? Because biotechnology is helping to improve the health of the Earth and the people who call it home.”

    You can view the entire activity book for yourself at:

    The guide was produced by a group known as the Council for Biotechnology Information (CBI), a pro-GMO coalition of the world’s largest biotechnology companies and organizations. CBI routinely ignores independent science that shows GMOs and their growing chemicals to be dangerous, and continues to purvey the lie that GMO technologies are not only safe, but that they are superior to conventional and organic growing methods.” (there’s more)

  2. cdub says:

    Barry, I am a bit confused about where you stand on the weird seasonal adjustment math post financial crisis. Do you agree with the Iacono Research piece you mention above? Is that ‘cliff’ in the numbers going to hit in next week’s report?

  3. AHodge says:

    April jobs
    were you citing these two as bad analysis examples?
    these are last to the party ignorant losers
    there is weather happening, and some seasonal issues
    slate cited the Good Macro Advisors, but didnt say anything
    most of the serious folks are still over 200K, Nomura for example at 225k

  4. mathman says:

    Here’s a Republican that GETS IT:

    Acknowledging Climate Change Doesn’t Make You A Liberal

    by Paul Douglas, via neorenaissance

    “I’m going to tell you something that my Republican friends are loath to admit out loud: climate change is real.

    I am a moderate Republican, fiscally conservative; a fan of small government, accountability, self-empowerment, and sound science. I am not a climate scientist. I’m a meteorologist, and the weather maps I’m staring at are making me uncomfortable. No, you’re not imagining it: we’ve clicked into a new and almost foreign weather pattern. To complicate matters, I’m in a small, frustrated and endangered minority: a Republican deeply concerned about the environmental sacrifices some are asking us to make to keep our economy powered-up, long-term. It’s ironic.

    The root of the word conservative is “conserve.” A staunch Republican, Teddy Roosevelt, set aside vast swaths of America for our National Parks System, the envy of the world. Another Republican, Richard Nixon, launched the EPA. Now some in my party believe the EPA and all those silly “global warming alarmists” are going to get in the way of drilling and mining our way to prosperity. Well, we have good reason to be alarmed.”

    (please read the rest of the article if you care too)

  5. AHodge says:

    April payroll
    these two above pessimists strike me as not knowlegeable, Slate citing Macro is good but no follow through
    we have weather and there are seasonal issues
    but most of the serious early calls are over 200?
    nomura a 225K
    there is an argument from a serious person for the U rate up to 8.3

  6. Sechel says:

    Democrats threaten to paint the Supreme Court as partisan if all/part of health care declared unconstitutional. Further a strike-down brings questions about the judgments Obama and advisors made about the legality of the law.. and perhaps on other issues

  7. AHodge says:

    so the above is for the March payroll to be released next week, meaning early April.
    dont have a fixed view for the next one, but am not buying big pessimism below 200K from adjustment problems for april jobs released early may
    besides, if any huge drop was all weather and seasonal, why not you and market ignore it?