With one and a half million (1.5 million) American children now homeless, reporter Hilary Andersson meets the school pupils who go hungry in the richest country on Earth. From those living in the storm drains under Las Vegas to the tent cities now springing up around the United States, P a n o r a m a finds out how the poor are surviving in America and asks whatever happened to the supposed ‘government’ and the Real People in charge – those who you ‘don’t see’ pulling on the strings; and their vision and welfare for the country.

Could this be a form of ‘Social cleansing’ without the need of war or disease inflicted by the orchestrators – simply a controlled bout of poverty? Or is this the forced education that only condition children to know only a certain amount of knowledge that can only ever see them progress in working environments such as confined offices within the ‘Human Zoo’ qualities within the desperately overcrowded cities.

Why are our children not educated properly – to be able to survive communally with real craft and building skills? Is the social mobility (as in other ‘rich countries’ such as the UK) only fairing the rich; the wealthy and the ‘clever elite’; the white collar criminal, as per usual?

Broadcast Date: 13th February 2012

Category: Video

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7 Responses to “BBC: Poor America”

  1. planckbrandt says:

    You leave out all mention of FEC (Federal Election Commission) 1974 which legalized PACs (Political Action Committees).

    There is a reason Obama is delivering for the people with the money in the US. This is the real story here. The real story is that the entire political system in the US is rigged against the people you featured in this documentary. Moralizing about Obama failing is not revealing anything either. It only fuels left/right rage. No politician including Obama ever got his spot in his first race without sucking up to and knowing full well who his real Masters are!

    The real story is a political system carefully and long co-opted by money powers and their stooge judges and politicians.

    Money in Corporate PACs long ago outstripped money in Union PACs to influence politics here. By 1980, that ratio was already 3:1. The facts you need to expose are in these citations:


    No Heritage Foundation person is a credible source about anything! They are paid by the private money. They will serve it. Oh, and check this out….shades of Christmas’s past?


    BBC has a moral obligation to the world…The British have been manipulated and destroyed by these people too since Bretton Woods…

  2. dsawy says:

    “Las Vegas… the capital of capitalism…”

    I don’t think so. Vegas was a town built by the Chicago mob on the idea of scamming people out of their money.

  3. holulu says:

    Years ago I came to conclusion that in the US, we do NOT have democracy and representative gov.
    Congress represents “centers of big money” not people in the street.
    Big money is the only voice heard by Congress.

  4. funkright says:

    “Vegas was a town built by the Chicago mob on the idea of scamming people out of their money…” doesn’t that perfectly describe the state of American capitalism? What’s great allegorical reference.

  5. victor says:

    The poor you will always have with you…..Matthew 26:11

    @dsawy: you forgot the Mormons

  6. EffBee says:

    This is a poor hatchet job on Obama. To lay the blame at his feet after what he inherited smells of right wing Republicanism. True, things have not improved yet, but blame the U.S Congress. An if O’B had any cojones, he would have exited Iraq and Afganistan and used those wasted funds for more of America’s benefit. We can no longer to afford being the world’s policeman.

  7. V says:

    The US is not the ‘richest country on earth’, that is for sure.