Visual Economics points us to this Ginormous infographic, The Truth Behind America’s Unemployment.

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All its enormity is after the jump . . .


Unemployment Infographic

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5 Responses to “Behind America’s Unemployment”

  1. Barnnie says:

    One simple question…. We automate more, internet retail more, robotically control more, soon to internet teach more (see Khan Academy) — just where are we going to find more jobs for people??

  2. constantnormal says:

    And to follow up Barnnie’s excellent question, if we are no longer able to deliver decent-paying jobs, what does that say about the labor pyramid model that our society is built around?

    Will an ever-larger number of Smericans slide into permanent unemployment/underemployment?

    How do we ever turn that around?

  3. rktbrkr says:

    We can’t do enough for these crooksters, chalk it up to effective lobbying, bread on the water

  4. ashpelham2 says:

    All of you are basically saying what we know to be true: that people are becoming less and less critical to daily operations, and more important for innovation and invention. Those operational jobs and tasks that anyone could do, and earn a living doing, are going away, and have been for some time.

    If you’re of average intelligence or less, better be prepared for a career in sales.

  5. bman says:

    MI is looking kind of beat up in that graph.