I am off to go chat with Bloomberg’s Tom Keene at 12:05 — watch it live on BBTV or stream it on the web.

We will be discussing Greek Defaults, CDS, and  other fun things

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3 Responses to “Media Appearance: Bloomberg Surveillance Midday”

  1. Bob is still unemployed   says:

    Just finished watching the discussion. I have to put a plug in here for Bloomberg… compared to CNBC, Bloomberg is all about information and CNBC looks to be more about entertainment.

    Mr. Keene’s comments and questions to you were knowledgeable and insightful, allowing you to drive home your points.

    It’s great to see a thoughtful discussion, instead of the yelling matches that oft occur on CNBC.

  2. I thought Gary Kaminsky was outstanding on CNBC this morning — a welcome change

  3. VennData says:

    And Clear Channel is a short.

    “The contraception debate is one that sparks strong emotion and opinions on both sides of the issue,” Premiere Networks told the Associated Press. “We respect the right of Mr. Limbaugh, as well as the rights of those who disagree with him, to express those opinions.”


    When are people going to understand the Limbaugh’s entire argument is WRONG, we do NOT “pay” for the Georgetown student’s contraceptives unless YOU pay insurance under their plan.

    Now you may pay where you work for other folks Viagra, vasectomies and IUDs, but demand to watch them do porn to get your facts straight.

    It’s the sort of straw man nonsense like Santorum saying he doesn’t want woman to go to the front lines in military duty after Obama signed a law expanding miltary womens roles closer to the front. …causing the GOP genuflectors all nod that Obama wants to send the flowers of American womanhood into battle …Or saying Democrats don’t want religious people to talk politically because they favor separation of church and state.

    Or Bush’s “Some might say” arguments constantly making people “feel” that they folks opposed to him didn’t like Arab Freedoms “Some may say that you can’t bring Democracy to the Middle East” , a robust economy “Some might say American’s best days are behind it”

    More GOP straw men.