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10 Thursday PM Reads

Posted By Barry Ritholtz On March 1, 2012 @ 4:30 pm In Financial Press | Comments Disabled

My afternoon train reading:

• Hedge Fund Manager Dan Zwirn, the Man Who Fell to Earth (Businessweek [1])
• Dark Pools Win Record Stock Volume as NYSE Trading Slows to 1990s Levels (Bloomberg [2])
• Share Traders More Reckless Than Psychopaths, Study Shows (Spiegel.de [3]) see also 10 Commandments for Con Men (Lists Of Note [4])
• Analysis: Critics question cost as consultants nip and tuck SEC (Reuters [5])
• Commodites: Bull market corrections or the start of bear markets (Peter Brandt [6]) see also Rising Crude Prices Tap Into a Barrel of Nonsense (Bloomberg [7])
• Threatened Goldman Japan workers unionize (Japan Times [8])
• Senators target Facebook with bill that would close stock-option loophole (Washington Post [9])
• In the Future Everything Will Be A Coffee Shop (Speculist [10])
• Memory Is Not a Recording Device: How Technology Shaped Our Metaphors for Remembering (Brain Pickings [11])
• Bubbles at the Edge of Space: Merav Opher Is Changing Astrophysics (Txchnologist [12])

What are you reading?


No, Rick, Energy Prices Did Not Cause the Housing Bust

Source: TPM [14]

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