Are there any more of these for the other candidates?

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4 Responses to “Will The Real Mitt Romney Please Stand Up (feat. Eminem)”

  1. RecencyEffect says:

    Sorry for the tangent but:

    That, right there, is why big media will never beat piracy.

    The masses have SO much free time to dedicate to their pet projects be they skillful mashup like this or working out the next technology for exchanging files.
    Just by sheer weight of manhours you can never hope to thwart them, the best you can do is make it so easy to legally acquire content that they can’t be bothered getting it illegally.

  2. Irwin Fletcher says:


    You are sooo right. It’s kinda like prohibition isn’t it?
    Just go to Asia and see what its like over there. You can anything really easy wrt media.
    The way it should be IMO.

  3. olddogDALTX says:

    If I scan my keester and send it in, will it get posted on The Big Picture? That is the question that hit me watching as much of this as I could stomach. This was a pure waste of someone’s time who could have been doing something profitable, like going back to work and manning his/her cash register. Not a Romney fan in the least. Well maybe this piece nudged me, ever so slightly, in Mitt’s direction.

  4. romerjt says:

    IMO might also stand for “in memory of” the main stream media – be careful what you wish for. The bricks and mortar, payrolls, and stockholders of MSM, along with the concept of facts and truthiness give the MSM as bias toward accuracy (except FoxNews).

    When everybody is a publisher (in their basements with nothing to lose) it’s, IMO a dangerous world especially given the factless reality of many American’s political opinions. . . “39% of Rep primary voters in Il, believe Obama is a Muslim”

    Also, consider this, the “pink slime” story appeared in the NYT in Jan 2010 but not “go viral” until it took off on facebook a few weeks ago. While I may be sympathetic to the issue, I recognize the shift in how things get to be important and I, like the founding fathers, do not totally trust in the wisdom of the masses to make that distinction.