My morning reading material:

• Gasoline Futures Tumble As Oil-Supply Fears Ebb (WSJ)
• Earth to Ben Bernanke (NYT) see also I repeat: The Fed’s Permanent Zero rate policy is toxic (Credit Writedowns)
• A reality check for Facebook investors (Market Watch)
• The Top 1% Saw Their Incomes Rise 8 Times,1979-2007 (Forbes) see also You Don’t Need This “Recovery” (Harvard Business Review)
• Housing Notches Tiny Gains (WSJ)
• Thinking in a Foreign Language Makes Decisions More Rational (Wired)
• Reports of Medicare’s death are greatly exaggerated (Washington Post) see also Want to cut health care costs? Start here. (Washington Post)
• Why Jon Huntsman is leaving the GOP (not because they’re Communists) (Yahoo News)
• Did exploding stars help life on Earth to thrive? (Royal Astronomical Society)
Today’s WTF toy! The iPhone Lens Dial (Photo Jojo)

What are you reading?

TARP: Billions in Loans in Doubt

Source: WSJ

Category: Financial Press

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13 Responses to “10 Mid-Week AM Reads”

  1. ZedLoch says:

    Great list today! Glad to see gas prices tumbling. Here in Atlanta they’ve dropped from 4.09 to 3.85 over the course of about two weeks.

    And glad to see Huntsman is thinking about leaving the dark side. He’s a good guy and I would definitely consider voting for him as a third party candidate.

  2. thomas hudson says:

    immigration update…according to this study, more mexicans left the US than entered, first time that has happened since the great depression:

  3. NoKidding says:


    One for me, one for you, one for me, one for you, one for me … oops only one left … that one’s for me too.

  4. Petey Wheatstraw says:

    thomas hudson:

    As soon as many Americans find out that lawn care and food will cost 4 times as much, they’ll be screaming for a taller fence and requiring proof that anyone entering Mexico was born in the US.

  5. gordo365 says:

    Just wondering, are falling gas prices Obama’s fault? He was often cited as cause of rising gas prices?

  6. VennData says:

    Huntsman’s not leaving the GOP.

    He needs his tax cuts, so he can create jobs, with daddy’s trust fund.

  7. SOP says:

    • Did exploding stars help life on Earth to thrive?

    Outstanding article – Thanks !


    If We Had a Better Story Could We Tell the Truth?

    “To the extent that you can buy reality off—that you can use your wealth to move tens of miles upwind of a dairy, for example—you can say reality is for people who lack money.

    The real function of wealth in America is to give us the time, resources, and space to either construct an unreal world or have one constructed for us. Unreal worlds, for most of us, turn out to be better places to spend our time…”

  8. Joe Friday says:

    I repeat: The Fed’s Permanent Zero rate policy is toxic (Credit Writedowns)

    Except even a back-of-the-envelope calc of ‘The Taylor Rule’ indicates that the nominal interest rate should be about MINUS 5% right now. How the HELL would raising interest rates improve anything ?

  9. Greg0658 says:

    “Forget harvesting Losses -Its Time to harvest Gains” …
    and then spend them at your neighbors yard sale
    or goto forget that goto bricks & mortar buy new
    not that goto www save sales tax spend that at yard sale
    sorry can’t help it – just a nagging invasive rhetoric capitalist – I am what I am

  10. Jojo says:

    Looking for a special Ferrari to round out your collection? Here you go….
    Ferrari Enzo abandoned in Dubai to finally be auctioned off

    Remember the poor Ferrari Enzo supercar abandoned in Dubai last August?

    Well, it’s still sitting in the same police impound lot we last saw it in, but it may have a bright future ahead.

    The Enzo, along with several other exotics, is to be auctioned off in what the Daily Mail, via Jalopnik, claims is the most expensive police sale in history.

    The person who abandoned the car is believed to be a British citizen who leased the Ferrari and then fled Dubai 20 months ago when they couldn’t afford the repayments and traffic fines.

  11. Jojo says:

    Meanwhile, the 1% in Iran and no different than the 1% anywhere else.
    Wealthy Iranians spur luxury car boom
    AFP Relax News – Mon, Apr 23, 2012

    Wealthy Iranians are fuelling an unprecedented luxury car boom despite sanctions hurting their economy, paying up to $360,000 for high-end autos, according to showroom employees and reports on Sunday.

    “Buyers are paying upfront for these cars, which generally cost two to three times more than abroad,” one car salesman in Tehran told AFP on condition of anonymity.

    A newspaper citing official customs data, Hafte-Sobh, reported that “some 563 different Porsche models were sold in the last Iranian year (to March 2012),” worth a total $50 million before a hefty 100-percent import tax.

    Porsche’s goal is to sell 800 of its cars in the Islamic republic this current Iranian year, media said, underlining the inroads the flashy German automaker is making into a niche market previously dominated by the more discreet offerings from rivals BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

  12. VennData says:

    Fed Chairman Bernanke press conference warns bind investors…

    “… I think it’s important for holders of long-term securities to manage their risks and pay attention…”

    You cannot say you haven’t been warned.