My afternoon train reading:

• The market was dead wrong on Apple (Marketwatch) see also Apple Profit Rises 94% on Growing Global IPhone Demand (Bloomberg)
• The Demise of Western Wealth Creation is Overblown (Barron’s)
Derivatives: Finding the Culprits of the Crisis (AdvisorOne)
• Asha Bangalore: Improving Housing Market? (Northern Trust) see also Housing Declared Bottoming (Again) in U.S. After Six-Year Slump  (Bloomberg)
• Drop in U.S. Durables Orders Masks Investment Gain (Bloomberg)
• Diamond and Saez: High Tax Rates Won’t Slow Growth (WSJ)
• Tackling Real Estate in a Do-It-Yourself Approach to I.R.A.’s (NYT)
• Sheila Bair: Watch out! Is the Fed pushing us into another bubble? (Fortune) see also U.S. Debt Culture and the Dollar’s Fate (National Interest)
Brutal: The Ministry of Truth Speaks: American Prospect Tries to Pass Off Mortgage Turncoat Schneiderman as Hero (Naked Capitalism)
Fun! NewsJack launches to let you remix, edit news websites (Poynter)


What are you reading?


Manufacturers Regain Swagger With Rosy Earnings

Source: WSJ

Category: Financial Press

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10 Responses to “10 Mid-Week PM Reads”

  1. parsec says:

    Lloyd Blankfein had an interview with CNBC earlier today prompting Alec Baldwin to tweet that the interviewer did everything but “wash his socks.” The interviewer — I didn’t catch who it was — was moved to say that unlike Baldwin who pretends to represent the little people it is the GS folk who look after their interests, performance and the testimony of an ex-employee notwithstanding. A PR problem, was the consensus of the CNBC wise men. A good time was had by all who had no skin in this particular game.

  2. James Cameron says:

    This is mentioned below and, of course, is television, but PBS’ multipart Frontline story, “Money, Power & Wall Street” is a riveting story about the financial crisis.

  3. willid3 says:

    what happened to the power of small towns, seemed like every politician was just so enthralled by them before

  4. willid3 says:

    should we beef up social security as oppose to shrink it? consider, of the 3 legs of retirement for almost every one, 2 of them have collapsed (pensions. gone. savings, gone with the wind of the collapse of the stock market).
    leaving the only remaining leg being social security.

  5. Roger Bigod says:

    Yves had a story on Clerks of Court in LA suing MERS under RICO. Treble damages, babe.

  6. theexpertisin says:

    I have several friends who have had self-directed real estate IRA’s for years. They figured out quickly it was not the best route.

    Without the tax benefits of deductions, depreciation and other assorted writeoffs that make real estate attractive in the first place, why?

  7. SOP says:

    Re. Derivatives: Finding the Culprits of the Crisis

    “Tavakoli uncovered what she calls massive, widespread fraud committed by a network of mortgage originators, securitizers, and rating and regulatory agencies, among others.”

    What is the statute of limitations – if any- for the crimes ? I did not see any such question or answer in the article.

  8. biscuits says:

    National Interest story sounds like some of the new world order stuff I hear from the tinfoil crowd. That somehow a global currency, controlled by central banks (?) will save the world. After the experiment with the Euro, how can this idea have any credibility? Here is the usual neolib dream of cutting back on New Deal reforms so we can “steer the economic course back toward a more responsible fiscal formulation focused on individual rights and responsibilities”. What does that mean? Will there be workhouses so the modern day Scrooges can have a clean conscience or is that not covered under individual rights?

  9. ConscienceofaConservative says:

    The Supreme Court reaction to the Arizona law. When you see the Supreme Court’s reaction to this and the Health Care debate. It makes you think what else is not legit. Perhaps the law that passed this year that seems to permit violating due process for U.S. citizens.


    BR: One of my motivations for leaving the practice of of law was my realization that the Supreme Court was hopelessly corrupt. Not merely ideologically biased, but utter bereft of fealty to the original documents. Look no further than the recent STRIP SEARCH ruling to see how they decided to toss out the 4th amendment . . .