Fascinating to be watching the Frontline documentary while simultaneously watching the Tweetstream discuss this:



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8 Responses to “#Frontline”

  1. louis says:

    Good thing there weren’t regulators working at Lehman leading up to the crisis. Hopefully we can get our money back.

  2. raholco says:

    And what was it that Eldrige Cleaver said in 1968:

    “If you aren’t part of the solution then you are part of the problem”?

  3. raholco says:

    Here’s a thought exercise: if we truly live in a representative deomcracy, about 8% who get elected would have come from the ranks of the unemployed – and an even bigger percentage from those who are part of U6. But obvoiously, that’s not the case.

    So the only conclusion one can draw is that when it comes to government, only the employed have any voice.

    Draw your own conclusions as to the eventual outcome should things get worse.

  4. ReductiMat says:

    Watching Chris Dodd being interviewed on that show truly boggled my mind. How can these people be so good at lying? Do they fool themselves first? Or are is it simply an ability akin to Gretzky and Jordan?

  5. A says:

    The worst part of the entire process, is that a lot of rich & powerful people will be never go to jail. One wonders how America cannot acknowledge that it is a class-based society.

  6. dead hobo says:

    BR observed:

    Fascinating to be watching the Frontline documentary while simultaneously watching the Tweetstream discuss this:

    If you say to. If you were really cool, you would be watching Frontline on your tablet, tweeting on your phone, while driving on the freeway and steering with your knees. If you were really really cool, you would be eating a chicken leg or a panini, too . That’s how I roll.

  7. Greg0658 says:

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    this genie out of the bottle is a BIG pandoras box .. its everyones AIR .. the media in their
    desire to not alarm and hype spend like normal – wash rinse repeat does its thingie – limit