Source: Despite Falling Prices, Housing Sector Is Recovering. Really.

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One Response to “Housing Sector Is Recovering Despite Falling Prices?”

  1. BenE says:

    “Housing Sector Is Recovering Despite Falling Prices?”

    Housing Sector Is Recovering Because BECAUSE of Falling Prices!

    Why am I the only one who can see the housing market as a market of things to live in and not of things to invest in!

    In the long term, house prices are like gas prices, it is better for everyone when they are LOW. Sure if you bought at a high price and need to sell it at a lower price it sucks but if it is a place to live in, you get to buy a new one at the lower prices too!

    Ok now I see that Ritholtz acknowledged this perspective a bit in the video but the other guy immediately corrects him: “It’s bad for economic growth”.

    Lower house prices means lower mortgage payments, which means more money left to spend in the rest of the economy. It also means eventually lower rental prices. It has the same positive effect as low gas prices in the long term.

    It’s like the discussion has been captured by those who want to speculate in real estate and those who want to live in houses are completely sidelined and ignored.