Are You Left or Right Brain?


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4 Responses to “Left vs Right Brain”

  1. Frilton Miedman says:

    Great article.

    Extremes, from idiot savants that can calculate astronomical numbers with no clue as to how to incorporate them into the real world, to schitzoid artists who can sum humanity in a picture, but can figure out his own checkbook.

    Both can be brilliant.

    Einstein stood out for the fact the he was able to combine left brain brilliance with a schizoid-artistic ability to combine dissimilar topics to create new idea’s and new conclusions. Creative genius.

  2. Through the Looking Glass says:

    Starch left brainers are scared ,fearful,of allowing in the randomness of all things. If things don’t fit neatly into the boxes they or others have created they discount it as nonsense or create a box it will fit in. Right brainers enjoy the exquisite naturalness of things before they are boxed, their beauty is in that .

    Life is not a game of perfect, its a random trajectory , take in the curves instead of reading the map.

    Hint : Barry’s blog is called?

  3. PopDocTrader says:

    If you showed the above to a neuroscientist or neurologist they would point out how overgeneralized the whole R vs L brain idea is. In the past 5 years much empirical research, using latest methods of MRI (fMRI) brain scanning technology shows that the brain is much mote complex than this colorful chart shows. The notion that the R does this and the L does that is based on old research.

    I know brain researchers at Stanford. I’ve seen the research. One example….its been shown with fMRI that emotions, once thought to be isolated to one part of the brain are in many parts of the brain. I’ve also seen research that shows that decisions, even decisions concerning probabilities or risk:reward calculations – seemingly a purely logical or linear process – also involve various parts of the brain that are also involved in emotional processing. I’m familiar with this because I’m a psychologist who keeps up with the latest research…and I have to becuase I work with money managers and traders.

    The old R vs L is ‘pop psychology’ or ‘pop science’ at its finest. It’s time to move on and understand that our brain is much more complex than this.

    Andrew Menaker PhD

  4. Giovanni says:

    Thank you PopDoc for putting the R v. L thinking where it belongs, in the old history category. Every time I look at one of those lists I want the Chinese Restaurant menu option: Some from column A and some from B to describe my characteristics.

    Nice blog too-