This afternoon ~4:00 pm we will be discussing Economy, Investing, Housing and Gasoline Prices.

Bullet points:

• The economy is bumping along, like its supposed to in a post-credit crisis recovery.

• The FOMC has engineered a market rally by keeping rates so low.

• Unfortunately, the Fed has been less successful in stimulating the economy. They have managed to keep it stumbling along, but not much more.

More to come later.


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7 Responses to “Media Appearance: Dylan Ratigan Show (4/26/12)”

  1. Frilton Miedman says:

    I DVR DR daily, he has a keen eye for great guests, whatever the topic.

  2. PDS says:

    BR…you have apparently fallen into the rut of group think that many in your space have done…ie… you have concluded that the Fed is the only policy making arm of the govt that matters….the truth is that the Fed is doing the heavy lifting now because the political leadership at the WH and on the Hill are MIA….and…more importantly…the fiscal and re regulation policies that they have implemented over the past 3+ years have failed….$800bil in pothole filling stimulus; Dodd Frank;Obamacare; skyrocketing deficits etc etc….all have helped to create a sense of unease in the the minds of the consumer and business

    So…if we had a much more progrowth fiscal policy in the past 3+ years….then perhaps the economy would not just be “bumping along”!!!

  3. Frilton Miedman says:

    Re-regulation a failure?

    Let’s just go back to allowing liar loans so;ld to anyone with a pulse, being fraudulently rated as triple A assets and pawned by the trillions to an unsuspecting public….not without a <15% tax rate on the "bonuses" TBTF's paid themselves off the scam.

    Yeah, we need much, much more of that.

  4. Greg0658 says:

    I watched live .. “the rut of group think…concluded that the Fed is the only policy making arm…political leadership at the WH and on the Hill are MIA” .. umm I don’t think you got to see it yet .. the jist I remember that both parties are 2 identicals .. I’m not totally on that concept – there are differences .. I’m in the camp the POTUS must flow with what gets served his way by the other branches

    did you see Pres. Jimmy Carter sorta endorse a possible Romney last nite (forget where) .. stunned me – groundwork to not blow a gasket if / or the peanut farmer is still a full flegged capitalist at heart – even tho he got government perks roundnround on top of peanuts, books & Habitats

    back to the DRshow – you two alpha dogs didn’t have your timeshare on tho :-)
    disappointed in the Manning rule’g “as he had al qaeda interest in mind” NOT

  5. PDS says:

    Frilton….yes re regulation has failed…..the TBTF banks you mention….the ones that greased the credit crisis skids?….they have gotten even Too BIGGER To Fail !! And u completely ignore my point that pothole fiscal stimulus with a dash of cash for clunkers have been absolute failures…..hence we get ZIRP and QE’s with an added Twist for as far as the eye can see……we have been living in a world of Crisis based monetary policy for 4 years…..and according to Bernanke it will be around for another 2 years……6 years of ZIRP?…..but the WH and CNBC ie the Cramer Nat’l Broadcasting Corpse….tell us “all is well”. Go figure

  6. Greg0658 says:

    “cash for clunkers have been ..” pouring gunk into engines for the smelter class was obscene – killed hand me downs – without proper mass transit obscene .. I understand the reasoning for green* & jobs

    ‘Go figure’ Again

    * that might be debateable taking in all aspects of creation – I’m sure a study was done 1st
    yesterday a blogger mentions mass transit tax credit – almost posted a found 91 page pdf for tax preparers :-| but why – go figure again

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