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4 Responses to “Paul McCulley & Bill Miller on WealthTrack”

  1. JoseOle says:

    McCulley cut his hair, and I was just getting comfortable with the Clapton look.

  2. forwhomthebelltolls says:

    5:01 until we actually hear a guest speak…Yeesh.

  3. victor says:

    NO, NO, NO, NO! The answer is NOT more debt at the Fed Gov level. They are both clumsily trying to explain that on one hand the individual is de-levering thus, on the other hand the Fed Govt should be levering to dig the economy out of a hole? How about this approach: the economy “as a whole” as Miller says is too big/complex to be managed, even by the legendary clueless Fed, and as the collapse of the USSR clearly demonstrated. Thus, how about the Fed Gov surrendering many of his powers/agencies to the States and further down to the “communities”? Paul Krugman (Nobel Prize and all) has been pushing for more and more and more Government Spending, apparently under deep hypnosis from gazing for too long at the GDP equation which admittedly contains Govt Spending along with Business Investment, Consumer Spending and net imports/exports. Please, common sense. The comparison that Bill draws between economy and physics is also over the top. Harry Truman was right: where is the two handed economist?

  4. MidlifeNocrisis says:


    Really? You want each of the 50 States to individually have the power to print currency?