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The Wall Street Journal – Stock Funds Shunned Despite Broad Inflows

Long-term mutual funds had estimated net inflows of $6.48 billion in the latest week as investors added money to hybrid, bond and foreign equities, while domestic equity funds saw the sharpest outflow so far this year, according to the Investment Company Institute. The latest week marks the 15th consecutive week of fund inflows reported by ICI as money has continued to rush into bond and hybrid funds. Money consistently left U.S. stock funds in 2011 as investors retreated from a volatile stock market, and U.S. stock funds have continued to see mostly outflows this year. For the week ended April 18, equity funds had net inflows of $48 million, compared with prior-week outflows of $930 million. U.S. equity funds slipped by $8.68 billion while foreign equity funds increased by $8.73 billion. ICI reported bond funds had inflows of $5.25 billion, up from prior-week inflows of $4.15 billion. Investors added $4.86 billion to taxable funds and poured $399 million into municipal funds.

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2 Responses to “Record Inflows Into World Stock Funds Matched By Large Outflows From U.S. Stock Funds”

  1. blackjaquekerouac says:

    this is setting up to be the “biggest missed rally” in history. with Hedge funds getting CLOBBERED it really is quite exciting!

  2. VennData says:

    ETFs are getting this money. Cheaper, better and you don’t pay capital gains. Better. Indexes are better.
    This is like a WSJ opinion page story, only half the relevant info. Uh, the stock market, Obama rally, has doubled in three years, is that because people are net sellers. ROFL…
    …remember when America was going down the drain because ‘we’ weren’t doing IPOs… uh… Because of Sarbannes Oxley!!! … uh no… China was flogging lots of companies, now the IPO market share is stabilizing… same sort of nonsense as this.