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We have a Thunderdome of Patent litigation going on!


Regulatory, Anti-Trust and Disruptive Risks Threaten Apple’s Empire
Adam Thierer
Forbes, 4/08/2012

Category: Intellectual Property, Technology

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6 Responses to “SmartPhone Patent Battles”

  1. Theravadin says:

    How many of those patents have any validity? Probably only those deemed essential technology, and which therefore aren’t being sued over. Look and feel? Give me a break. Best thing to do would be to throw every smartphone related patent out and let competition sort it out.

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  3. mathman says:

    This might LOOK off topic, but where do all those used phones end up?

    Must-See Infographic: Americans Throw Away Enough Trash Per Year To Cover The State Of Texas Twice Over
    (BR, you’ll like the info graphic)

    check it out and think about everything you touch each day and where it’s going to ultimately end up

  4. VennData says:

    So its The Affordable Care Act and threats of higher tax rates on Hedge Fund managers that make are economy inefficient? Yeah, right.

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  6. low-tech cyclist says:

    The diagram reminds me of the breakup of that great apocryphal band, the Rutles:

    “In December 1970 Dirk sued Stig and Nasty, Barry sued Dirk, Nasty sued Stig and Barry, and Stig sued himself accidentally.

    “In the midst of this public and legal wrangling Let It Rot was released as a film, an album, and a lawsuit. “