Eliot Spitzer says President Barack Obama was on Wall Street’s side from day one – Fast Forward

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10 Responses to “Spitzer: Obama on Wall Street’s side from day one”

  1. lalaland says:

    Take a wild guess when your credibility last meant anything, Elliot Spitzer (should you like to read this blog as much as I).

  2. albnyc says:

    Shouldn’t the graphic read: “Disgraced former NY Governor”? Full disclosure, right?

  3. Futuredome says:

    Like this is any big revelation. any person in the oval office is on Wall Street’s side.

  4. Jojo says:

    He’s right! Obama was always tight with Wall Street. Obama knows who is going to be providing those juicy consulting contracts and board memberships when he is out of office.

    Once this campaign is over, he will be right back to capitulating to Republican demands and golfing with Boehner.

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  6. VennData says:

    Live! From Cartagena! It’s Elliot Spitzer!

  7. victor says:

    Spitzer was the only NY AG who took WS on. The fact that he committed indiscretions that are routine with public figures in other Western countries but would sink the equivalent public figure here shouldn’t detract from his laudable attempts to tame WS, anymore than the Clinton/Monica affair.

  8. dsawy says:

    This is hardly penetrating insight.

    All that was necessary was to look at the campaign donations to the 2008 Obama campaign:


    Goes a long way in explaining the student debt bubble, too.

  9. Barnnie says:

    Sadly, Obama has totally failed in his mission to make the financial system less risky!! The “too-big-to-fail” banks are even BIGGER & risky still!!
    —– Disgusting!!

  10. DuchessGateau says:

    Spitzer is completely credible and still has the best record for prosecuting fraud and theft on Wall St. I can’t think of anyone who has done more. He’s still pointing out financial crimes and attendant political support, even to the point of criticizing his own party and president during an election year. So he’s STILL on the job, and brutally honest. Democrats need to hear it from one of their own because many believe Obama is trying, but being hampered by Congress, and that is just not the case.