My morning reading material:

• Hedge funds lag the market, again (Fortune)
• Facebook’s Surprisingly Humble, $1 Billion Acquisition of Instagram (Atlantic)
• Politics: Why Obama’s JOBS Act Couldn’t Suck Worse (Rolling Stone)
• Why Young Americans Are Driving So Much Less Than Their Parents (Atlantic Cities)
• You are the best predictor of next bull or bear (Market Watch) see also Markets were wrong about Friday’s jobs report (NY Post)
• When Uncle Sam plays banker (Washington Post)
Shilling: Will U.S. Avoid Recession in 2012? (Part 1) (Bloomberg)
• Time to Cast More Light on Finance’s ‘Shadows’ (WSJ)
• Browse Anonymously (PC Mag)
• The real story of WikiLeaks and Sweden (Green Left)

What are you reading?

Bonds With Banks Fraying

Source: WSJ

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12 Responses to “10 Tuesday AM Reads”

  1. VennData says:

    Carriers Band to Fight Cellphone Theft

    Bull! You can’t make ME get MY phone on that database! Who’s going to pay for it!? You and me! Phone usage rates are already up because of this, they put caps on the data you can use! All because these do gooders want to stop people from getting free phone service, without paying. Well, take care of your own phone! Phone Panels!!! I don’t want all these electronic database records of my phone, they will be tracking who I call, and when! It’s European! Stop ObamaCall!

  2. Doofus says:

    Farrell’s piece has a number of gems – one that should resonate here on TBP:

    the best advice ever, is something Buddha understood centuries ago: “Believe nothing, no matter where you read it or who has said it, not even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.”

  3. lunartop says:

    “Why Young Americans Are Driving So Much Less Than Their Parents ” seems like lots of highfalutin cultural reset blah blah – basically they can’t afford it. Watch as that less and less becomes about “young people” not driving..

  4. lunartop says:

    Oh, and wait for the story about “young people” no longer wanting to own their own home – much preferring to live with 8 or 9 other people, all about being part of a informal family unit blah blah etc..

  5. AHodge says:
    completely not finance
    but amazing
    our genius intelligence services seem to think the chinese didnt help North Korea LAUNCH an F..ING SATELLITE and cant tell them to stop?

  6. Arequipa01 says:

    The perversity is astounding. Soon, much sooner than expected the US will experience a labor shortage, sending wages upward. (what happens when 10k boomers a day hit 65) And then boom-higher income taxes. The US govt will assure that none but those at the tippy-top will be allowed to retain their excedent income/gains. Think Joe Stack and his ‘manifesto’. Sadly, his foolish and cruel act of self-immolation stole away the life of a man doing his work in the office building-a man named Vernon Hunter.

    It is hilarious. The Bush administration threw open the floodgates to buoy the construction scam (holy spit if people only knew … ) and made sure that ‘inundación de braceros/jornaleros’ suppressed wage inflation- effectively ensuring that no US citizen who labored in the trades made much of anything during the ‘boom’- and they still put Georgie Porgie’s bumper stickers on their trucks and then blamed all ‘dem Panchos runnin’ round, ruinin’ thangs’. Border Patrol- budget for 11k new agents- actually hired 6k+. After all the big numbers happened they built ‘the dang fence’. Which is very effective as this instructional video from your friendly neighborhood coyote demonstrates:

  7. James Cameron says:

    “Why Young Americans Are Driving So Much Less Than Their Parents ” seems like lots of highfalutin cultural reset blah blah – basically they can’t afford it. Watch as that less and less becomes about “young people” not driving..

    Yeah, well, as gas prices go up, increasingly neither can their parents. For what it’s worth it’s becoming increasingly possible to live without a car in urban environments where mass transit provides access to work and services like Zipcar exist. The South Lake Union area of Seattle ( is being transformed into a large retail/work/living community with transportation via bus and street car (a throw back to the city’s golden streetcar era that ended in the early 1940s). Amazon is consolidating its Seattle operation in this area in a 2.3 million square feet, 11-building headquarters complex.

  8. Business & Economics :: Economic Indicators

    March 16, 2012
    Price ratio of oil to natural gas increases to record level, ACC says

    Scott Jenkins
    The ratio of oil prices to natural gas prices rose to 50.7 to 1 this week, higher than the 48.8 to 1 level from last week, according to data from the Energy Information Administration (EIA; Washington, D.C.; that were cited in the latest Weekly Chemistry and Economic Report from the American Chemistry Council (ACC; Washington, D.C.;

    “As far as we can tell,” ACC wrote, “this is a record comparison.” The ACC report explains that, as a rule of thumb, when the oil-to-natural gas price ratio is greater than seven, the competitiveness of U.S. Gulf Coast-based petrochemicals and derivatives, compared to other major petroleum-producing regions, is enhanced.

    EIA data indicate that the ratio has been above seven for several years. In the U.S., the ACC notes, nearly 90% of ethylene is derived from natural gas liquids, while in Western Europe, 85% of ethylene is derived from naphtha, gas oil and other light distillate oil-based products.

    ACC also included information from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development’s (OECD) composite leading indicator (CLI) for January. The CLI indicates that the “U.S. and Japan continue to drive the overall position, but stronger, albeit tentative, signals are beginning to emerge within all other major OECD economies and the Euro area as a whole,” ACC says.

    CLIs for India and Russia are showing stronger signs of a positive change in economic growth momentum, ACC adds, but CLIs for China and Brazil “continue to point to below-trend growth” in economic activity. The OECD CLIs are good indicators for basic and specialty chemicals….”

  9. DrungoHazewood says:


    In Alabama a lot of blacks favor the immigration law because cheap labor was/is killing the trades. I had a painter, that every time we worked together, gave me an update on the progress through the courts, and expressed a wish it be upheld. I was almost curious enough to asked him if he went as far to vote for Bentley, but for some down here that is a rude question. No more Hispanics in landscaping and drywall work to name a few. A lot of the work was slipshod anyway: many of these houses are already falling apart. And that’s the occupied ones! The developers were under so much pressure to spew out units, that they just threw them up. I talked to a reputable drywaller who went bust when fast crummy work ruled the day. He would be called into to fix the egregious stuff like covered up switches and sockets or the tons of dried mud strewn everywhere. He was getting 1/10 of his normal work during the boom. Of course he contended it would have been cheaper to hire him from the beginning, but then the massive numbers of units would not have been thrown up.

    Now we have very few painters, brick masons or carpenters. A lot of the washouts were outlandish jacklegs, but a lot of them were really good, and had to go on some kind of relief anyway. Maybe a few will be back. But a lot had to break up their crews and sell the equipment. Needless to say, prices are now sky high. But at least the people still in business do really good work, but you gotta pay up.

  10. sjankis630 says:

    There are not too many non driving youngins out here in in the suburbs of Northern Virginia. If they live in the trendy Arlington areas and work around there then yes they could, but out west of DC it is all cars all the time. They are trying to build the metro out this way but I don’t think it will catch on as much as anticipated.
    Every morning, thousands of us – myself included – travel as single in our cars to and from work. Around 10 am the other rush – stay at home Mom and Dads – make their way out into the world – the majority of them in their cars. It seems to me the Reston, Herndon, Loudoun Chantilly, Fairfax Burke areas are very much car-centric. The kids may be staying in more and texting but they are definitely getting driven around by parents while younger.
    Maybe they are just being driven by their parents more …. as they stay around the house more…..

  11. Arequipa01 says:


    Thank you for the commentary and information. Bad and/or corrupt policy really jams things up, don’t it?
    And ‘outlandish jacklegs’- excellent phrase.

    As for the shoddy, to some extent that was a function of the way payouts were done- piecework and the structure of the contractual relationships.