My afternoon reading:

• Lehman E-Mails Show Wall Street Arrogance Led to the Fall (Bloomberg)
• Study Says Broker Rebates Cost Investors Billions (NYT)
• Traders Being Accountable to Themselves (Trader Planet)
Zuckerberg: The Maturation of the Billionaire Boy-Man (NY Mag)
• Customer Divide at MF Global (WSJ)
• Enter The Pivot: The Critical Course Corrections Of Flickr,, And More (Fast Company)
• Facebook at 99 Times Profit Exceeds 99% of S&P 500 Index (Bloomberg) see also Reasons to Buy Facebook, After Hype Fades (WSJ)
• How to Live Unhappily Ever After (WSJ)
• Singularity University: meet the people who are building our future (Guardian)
• What I’ve Learned About Learning (Zen Habits)

Whats on your tablet?

Stock Trading Volume Has Declined

Source: NYT

Category: Financial Press

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14 Responses to “10 Monday PM Reads”

  1. Molesworth says:

    Re: Facebook valuation
    Bloomberg: …the shares outstanding would total 2.74 billion, implying a market value of $96 billion at the high end.

    From the master of bubble detection, Didier Sornette
    “This gives a value in the base case of $15 billion, in the high growth case of $20 billion and in the extreme growth case of $33 billion.”

  2. louis says:

    Good thing Lehman was allowed to fail, those guy’s were real bozos not knowing what was going on with money and what not.

  3. CSF says:

    Perhaps after two bubbles stock volumes are simply reverting to pre-1999 means.

  4. farmera1 says:

    House Republicans target social cuts to shield military

    Now there is a surprise, not. This falls into the category of let them eat cake.

  5. DSS10 says:

    Stock trading remains in a slide after 08 crisis – NYT

    “on a typical trade two high frequency firms will not trade againt each other…… If ordinary investors don’t want to trade there is really simply nothing for us (Hi-Freq traders ) to do”


    BR: We referenced that this morning — and its where the graphic came from this afternoor

  6. PeterR says:


    Prepare to sell IMO.

  7. AHodge says:

    Cramer on TV
    its hard not to love loveable dwarf amishman hedge fund guy
    but he succeeded souring me with a mindless tout of AIG
    im pretty sure his $ prices for government stock purchase and sales
    completely forgot the reverse 20/1 split
    he really doesn’t know shit about cpmplex finance and the banking system
    this is not to say that AIG wont work out, (i dont own it now)
    but if it does
    he literally has no idea why and the risks

  8. gman says:

    Volume comps v. previous years are misleading. C was up to 30% of the tape early last year and it did a 10 for 1 reverse split!

  9. mote says:

    “Expect a Rally Attempt This Week if S&P 1358 Holds”

    In the first three paragraphs, Jeff Saut explains the meaning of L. Frank Baum’s “The Wizard of Oz.”

  10. perra says:

    Barry, thank you so much for recommending How to Live Unhappily Ever After (WSJ). Wonderful, wonderful piece. Thank you.

  11. Clay says:

    Ruth Barrons Roosevelt: “12 Habitudes of Highly Successful Traders”-2001 (Finished recently) and
    “Exceptional Trading: The Mind Game”- 1999 (In process…..wading through LOL)

    Read free emailed newsletters M-F, particularly articles by authors of material on money mgt, improving trader behavior such as Van K. Tharp, Adrienne Toghraie, and many others.

    Excellent info on health improvement/maintenance: (Well researched Alt. health info)
    Particularly this long piece (Rebutting a Skeptic”): (Richard Schulze N.D. products with free info, including books to read online (free) at his blog ) Excellent info… and they will send one of Schulze’s books for free.

    Carolina Panthers football blog:

    German tank info:

  12. Julia Chestnut says:

    Second vote for Burroughs – thank you for the link. I’ve been thinking exactly this lately: that the American concept of constant happiness is pathological. But Burroughs’s description of grief – and of clapping your hand over your mouth the first time that laugh comes blasting out – truly priceless. Lovely in its imperfection – wabi sabi.