My afternoon train reading:

• The Rise and Inglorious Fall of Myspace (Businessweek)
• A Few Disconnects in CEO Pay (WSJ)
• Euro austerity example Ireland ‘may need second bailout’ (Telegraph) see also Cracks are appearing in Europe’s state-backed lenders (Telegraph)
• Tax policy shocks and the business cycle (MacroMania)
• Walking a Treasury Tightrope (WSJ)
• Schumer And Casey’s Ex-PATRIOT Act: Details Of How They Plan To Get Saverin’s $67M And More (Tech Crunch)
• What Did JPMorgan Execs Know and When Did They Know It? (Pro Publica)
• Smartphone hijacking vulnerability affects AT&T, 47 other carriers (Ars Technica)
• Facebook IPO Goes Nowhere In Exciting Fashion (DealBreaker)
• The Commencement Address That Won’t Be Given (Robert Reich)

What are you reading?



Internet IPO Market Caps

Source: WSJ

Category: Financial Press

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8 Responses to “10 Monday PM Reads”

  1. AHodge says:
    OH God i almos fell out of my chair laughing………
    thank you moynihan

  2. rktbrkr says:

    While damage may expand, Dimon told the audience earlier he’s not worried about the ultimate size of the loss and that “there’s no outcome that will be a disaster.”

    there’s no outcome that will be a disaster = his job is still secure

    PS What else could he say “there are a number of scenarios that could jeopardize the banks survival but I can’t go into details now”

    there is now talk of a $5B loss, whats a disaster, oh yeah, his job loss!

  3. James Cameron says:

    Record California School Districts in ‘Financial Jeopardy’

    “The 188 districts have an enrollment of 2.6 million students. . . . California . . . has 6.2 million students enrolled across 1,037 local education agencies.”

  4. patfla says:

    Here’s an interesting argument as regards the capital (VC) related opportunity costs of Facebook, et. al.

  5. Mike in Nola says:

    Goosebump moment for the oldsters.

    Was shopping in the central market just now. It’s sort of a Texafied version of Whole Foods, but bigger, and, IMHO, better. They are having a French festival. Was listening to the background music. Tune was familiar; voice was familiar. Nah, couldn’t be. But, it was.

  6. obsvr-1 says:

    re: Schumer And Casey’s Ex-PATRIOT Act: Details Of How They Plan To Get Saverin’s $67M And More


    Not that I like much of what Shumer does, there is a point in his legislation. Eduardo S. was able to take advantage of the US systems of education and the entrepreneurial business environment to build the FB “wonder story”. Then when success hits and he becomes a billionaire he wants to renounce his citizenship with a “in your face-book” virtual mid-finger salute to all the other US taxpayers left to fill the void. Since the spirit of the capital gains tax is tax deferral until the gain is realized, then make Eduardo realize a gain at the time of his exit. This can be done by valuing his portfolio at the current market price and apply a Exit-Tax on this value. Much simpler than the Schumer plan that penalizes everyone at the action of a few.