My conference audience reads:

• Microsoft, Dividends and Stock Buybacks (Blog Maverick)
• Apple Is Doomed: The Phony Sony Parallel (Monday Note See also Why you can’t trust tech press to teach you about the tech industry (Anil Dash)
• In the picture: a short history of nationalisations (
• The First Time Mortgage-Backed Securities Failed (Bloomberg)
• 10 Things Your Commencement Speaker Won’t Tell You (WSJ)
• The Legendary Paul Ryan (NY Mag) see also Gingrich’s Quest for Glory Ends as a Punch Line (Bloomberg)
• Navigating a Tightrope With Amazon (NYT)
• Air France Flight 447: ‘Damn it, we’re going to crash’ (The Telegraph)
• CNBC Is Freaking Out Because Andrew Ross Sorkin’s Ratings Are Terrible (Business Insider)
• Are Apple’s Tax Games Bad for America? (The Atlantic)

What are you reading?

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21 Responses to “10 Tuesday AM Reads”

  1. BennyProfane says:

    Well, it looks like CNBC is about ready to throw Sorkin under the bus. Why not Kernan?

  2. thomas hudson says:

    speakin’ of paul ryan….

  3. theexpertisin says:

    Most investors are wise to the headline grabbing yellouts and invented crisis programming that CNBC brings to the table, and reject it. Bringing politicians such as Howard Dean in as guest commentators is ludicrous. Cramer in the morning (and the evening, for that matter) is apt to bring even the hardiest viewer a case of indigestion.

    When I want investment information from media,with limited expectations, I go to Bloomberg on my satellite radio. I like their programming, guests and tone.

  4. spencer says:

    I can live with CNBC being the national republican propaganda network.

    But I have had it with Kernan’s stupidity– is there any half-backed idea he down not buy hook, line and sinker?

  5. formerlawyer says:

    Benefit of the ancients – most of the original stuff is on

    Economist sloughing the blame?

  6. frodo1314 says:

    Is it just me, or is there hardly ever a link here to any article that is complimentary to a Republican or to a Conservative idea?



  7. Molesworth says:

    Tom Keene is a national treasure. Matt Miller is fun. Sara Eisen way smart.
    Trish Regan needs to take it down a notch; thinks she’s still at CNBC. Not a fit there at cool, calm B station.

    Only person worthy at CNBC is Simon Hobbs now Haines is gone.

  8. Tioga says:

    The Media seems to be slamming Apple for paying the maximum it is required by law to pay. The more they keep, the better the money will eventually be well spent. Government will just waste their money on its over-paid bureauracy.

  9. James Cameron says:

    Why U.S. house prices won’t recover

    Taking inflation into account, home prices are down to 1895 levels

  10. Julia Chestnut says:

    “Look to your left, and then to your right. Is that pretty girl Phi Beta Kappa? Marry her.”

    Words to live by, my friend. If only more 21 year old guys could think like that. Most of them are scared stiff of the Phi Beta Kappa girls, and it is much worse if they happen to be hot.

  11. frodo1314 says:

    BR – Funny, but proves my point, no?


    BR: No

  12. Molesworth says:

    Tuesday Never Comes By Bill Gross
    The global economy is floating on an ocean of credit, and a good thing too as our cartoon friend Wimpy reminds us.

  13. Jojo says:

    A few moments later the outside air temperature plummeted, the pitot tubes iced up and an alarm sounded briefly to warn that the autopilot had disengaged.
    So given the quote above from the Flight 447 story, if these pitot tubes are so important, WHY hasn’t someone figured out that they should keep them heated so that they don’t ice up?

    And why don’t they stick some floating GPS transmitters on planes so that they can find the damm pieces (and any survivors) in a reasonable time period when one crashes in the middle of an ocean in the dark?

  14. Tezzer says:

    Jojo- The pitot tubes are heated, but if the ice comes on too quickly it can overwhelm the ability of the heaters to deal with it.

    The life rafts and slides have emergency transmitters that activate when they get wet, but the life vests do not because (among other concerns) battery management for 300 small transmitters on every plane that may never get used is too prohibitive. Search-and-rescue equipment is already in widespread to find the signal the emergency transmitters broadcast, so as long as a slide or raft makes it to the surface you can usually find them. However, they may have been drifting in strong current for some time. You have to do a lot of detective work to find the wreckage. Unfortunately, GPS doesn’t work underwater so you have to go by the last radar track and maps of the ocean currents.

  15. VennData says:

    I agree with frodo, when are you going to put some content in this site that conservatives can understand?

    When’s the last time you had a positive piece about Sarah Palin, Bush tax cuts and their effect on job growth, or a discussion of the details of Paul Ryan’s budget cuts? …I mean where’s the criticism of Obama’s jingoist cheerleading about the liquidation of bin Laden, we conservatives can’t stand prideful American militarism!

    And where are the Bill Clinton jokes? I haven’t seen a Bill Clinton joke in years? Gosh I love Clinton jokes, where he’s chasing after some bimbo or something. Or he’s been photoshopped into a funny horn dog situation… with lots of titties.

  16. Jojo says:

    @Tezzer – without threading this isn’t a good forum org for continuing discussions. But…

    If the heaters can’t keep the pitot tubes deiced then they aren’t strong enough. Solution – use stronger heaters.

    GPS devices work on whales and other ocean animals that they are attached to after they fall off and float to the surface. This despite being repeatedly submerged to thousands of feet under water! Why don’t they use the same devices on a plane? Stick 10 of them or so on various parts of the plane so at least they would be in the general area of the crash quickly. In the case of this flight, it looks like no one could find a trace of wreckage for “several days”, which is completely unacceptable.

  17. ilsm says:


    Thanks for the Telegraph recap on Air France 447!!

    An American Airlines A300 was lost with all souls in Nov 2001 departing JFK, lost its tail section, I doubt any pilot error there.

    Or if Airbus designers were as conservative as Boeing, linking controls to how the airplane controls are situated could have been the last chance before total loss.

    Loss of pitot sensor input, should have been compensated with alternative instruments for airspeed, like inertial navigation, or ICAO/GPS position sensoring which is far superior to my car GPS which tells me my speed and direction; even with autopilot off.

    Loss of angle of attack indications should not have been possible or that easy. There seems to have been a “horizon indicator” assumed to be functioning.

    AF 447 Airbus 330 entered into series of faults each of which should be countered with redundancy.

    The old rule I learned was: triple redundnacy for any loss of function failure mode which could cause loss of life. Unfortunately for Airbus it seems their stock value trumps good engineering decisisons. Or accurate investigations.

    Maybe if Airbus had studied Challenger loss as well as Columbia………

    Catastrophes result from a series of failures, and in airplanes there needs to be design controls.

    How a pilot can touch a “flight control” not knowing what the other controls are set at is a very serious problem. Growing Airbus pilots in the airlines is no excuse for missing a failure chain like seen on AF 447.

    Having been around Boeing military aircraft, I feel better in a Boeing.

  18. Iamthe50percent says:

    Hilarious, VennData! Thanks for the snark!

    Seriously, there is no discussion of Conservative thought because Conservatives thought is an oxymoron.
    How can anyone seriously discuss the personhood of single-cell zygotes, 18th Century evolution denial, the benevolence of corporate management, the inferiority of non-white races, the inferiority of women, the idea that hordes of NRA members with hunting rifles could defeat a modern invading army, the idea that the unemployed don’t really want to work, et cetera ad nauseum.

    BTW, if Jesus of Nazareth were really alive today he would whip you all out of your churches.

  19. theexpertisin says:

    There may be a lack of conservative articles and comments. Makes no difference, really.

    I bet there are many conservatives electing to laugh at the left coast limosine liberals trying to out snark each other with not too clever commentary in these parts from the sidelines.

    We’ll have our laugh in November. And he who laughs last, laughs best.

  20. Jim67545 says:

    I think the CNBC problem is that it has become a financial-lite quasi Fox News. So anyone without some hatred for the President and who doesn’t love the steady tromp of Republicans or Fat Cat Conservatives turns it off. Then, when Kernan opens his mouth – certainly off to Bloomberg. Sorkin seems embarassed most of the time and afraid to disagree with everyone else and, for all he knows, the corporate line. So, I question if the ratings slippage is due to Sorkin. Maybe he is in the wrong place – as would be any listener.

  21. Greg0658 says:

    GPS tracks from at least 3 satellites – a transmitter is needed in addition to inform outwards of that position – & GPS needs to see satellites so whales submerge’g & surface’g – lets say they need to float awhile to get a fix ~~ and why are we talking about whales colars when the Moon is out there waiting for us to FU .. focus men – oh I reviewed – I’m with the battery airbag expense in the ticket price