I will be spending the next few days appearing at and attending the 65th annual CFA conference in Chicago. (For those of you who know what happens when I travel, you have been warned!)

The conference site has lots of goodies: You can stream the event; see the full schedule; get bios of all the speakers.

My panel is this:

9:00-10:10 a.m.

World Debt Crisis: Endgame Scenarios and What They Could Mean for Investors and the World

Anatole Kaletsky, GaveKal
John F. Mauldin, Millennium Wave Investments
Barry L. Ritholtz, Fusion IQ
David Rosenberg, Gluskin Sheff + Associates Inc.

• How the effects of deleveraging will increasingly shape the economic environment and policy decisions
• What effects unforeseen outcomes and behind-the-scenes factors are having on the eurozone crisis
• How emotion and instinct can be our worst enemies in extreme market conditions


and I am definitely planning on seeing these:


James Montier: The Flaws of Finance

Skyline Ballroom A–C│Upper Level
Investment Professional, Member, Asset Allocation Team
• How bad models, bad behavior, bad incentives, and bad policies interact to create perfect storms for markets
• How physics envy in finance and the abuse of mathematics endanger our industry
• What effects these problems have on the finance industry


Sam Zell: Searching the World for Growth/4Opportunities in Emerging Markets Real Estate and Infrastructure

Skyline Ballroom A–C│Upper Level
Chairman, Equity Group Investments

• The most promising emerging markets for investment today
• Hot real estate sectors within emerging markets
• Demographic factors and cultural lifestyle changes affecting real estate trends


The Proper Role of Wall Street in the Economy

W187│Lower Level
Managing Director, Banks, CLSA
Author, Exile on Wall Street: One Analyst’s Fight to Save the Big Banks from Themselves

• Factors in the banking industry that led to the financial crisis (e.g., dodgy accounting, the separation of risk from reward, outsized executive pay) and factors that still exist today
• Lack of management transparency and other information obstacles that hinder objective analysis
• Solutions to the problems and the need for more capitalism


: The Search for Stability: Regulation, Reform, and the Role of Monetary Policy

Skyline Ballroom A–C│Upper Level
Norman R. Bobins Professor of Economics, University of Chicago Booth School of Business and Former Governor of the Federal Reserve System (2006–2009)

• A former central banker’s “insider” perspective on international coordination of monetary policy and the key risks facing policymakers as the global economy works through the deleveraging process
• The impact of current and future regulation on risk mitigation in the global banking system
• The expanding set of policy instruments, challenges of macro-prudential policy, near-zero interest rates, and the evolution of central bank objectives

Daniel Kahneman: Psychology for Behavioral Finance

Skyline Ballroom A–C│Upper Level
2002 Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences and Professor Emeritus, Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, Princeton University

• The role of intuition and reasoning in decision making
• Loss aversion
• The denial of uncertainty
• Overconfidence: Causes and consequences
• Differences between investment professionals and amateurs

Category: Markets, Psychology, Travel

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8 Responses to “65th CFA Conference”

  1. PeterR says:

    Oh no, BR on the road during Real Options Week.

    A breach of SPY’s April low around 136 could really accelerate to the downside IMO.

  2. A7L-B says:

    Mr. Ritholtz, thank you so much for mentioning this event, and especially for mentioning, and providing the links to, the streamcast. Fascinating! Very interesting, very educational, and very refreshing (so far) to see reasoned, intelligent discourse on topics which many of us deal with each day.
    Hopefully, these sessions will be archived for future viewing and learning.
    Again, an outstanding post-one for the history books. Good luck.

  3. machinehead says:

    ‘For those of you who know what happens when I travel, you have been warned!’

    Funny you should mention that, with Sunday night futures sagging on the French and Greek election results.

    Hope you saw this coming, and lightened up on equities beforehand!

  4. TigerHawk says:

    Delighted that my brother CH had the good sense to recruit you!

  5. louis says:

    Come on BR , can’t you tell us your leaving before we close on Friday ? Asia blowing up on your departure news.

  6. Chief Tomahawk says:

    Wow! Limited to one hour for that panel?!?!

  7. AHodge says:

    good topic have fun
    you might want to also take opportunity and talk to this group about
    If i was there I would rip them a set of new ones….