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11 Responses to “Just How Big Has Apple Become ?”

  1. jlj says:

    When does Apple buy an island, declare itself a country, apply for WTO status and form the first Rollerball team?

  2. pepie says:

    Comparing sales with GDP is a bit stupid.

  3. financialchicken says:


    What’s your feeling about Apple’s stock price? PE is silly for a company growing this fast, and yet there seems to be a feeling in the market that the stock is rich based on the company’s market cap.

    What say ye?

  4. b_thunder says:

    jlj: exactly, if they buy an island, they won’t have to pay taxes. ever! and then they could start hiring 14-year olds and pay them 1/2 of what they pay at FoxConn. and rest assured that US will never impose trade sanctions on AppleStan, b/c the backlash from iZombies would end their political career.

  5. tagyoureit says:

    Too big to iFail.

  6. cognos says:

    b_thunder -

    Its pretty amazing that sheep continue to parrot moronic babble about “Apple / Foxconn workers”.

    First, Apple (and Foxconn!) is leading the way in this regard. They are opening to audits, setting standards, and giving interviews across the spectrum. Foxconn has upped worker pay by 100% and increased social activities for its mostly remote workforce. Its truly wonderful.

    Second, EVERY other manufacturer is WORSE! And every other product is probably WORSE. Your clothing, food, and standard PC… not to mention shoes and appliances. These are ALL much worse. Not to mention drugs… or yeah and sex tourism, treatment of women.

    Oh, but Foxconn workers only make $1. (Boo hoo… 1,000s line up for the jobs, and are treated well, and want more work).

  7. cognos says:

    And yes… I said “food”.

    Its quite hard to avoid food from China. I try. But location is not always given. If the location of your garlic (for example) is not given… its probably from China. Many other examples, especially sea food. The treatment of boat workers for an enormous part of the seafood catch is the WORST.

    Avoid seafood… its much worse than iPhones in terms of humanitarian abuse.

    Avoiding vegtables is hard (also mostly picked by mistreated workers).

  8. gman says:

    “Oh, but Foxconn workers only make $1. (Boo hoo… 1,000s line up for the jobs, and are treated well, and want more work).”

    …until they jump out the factory window..

  9. gman says:


    Your points are well taken..

  10. tiptopdrop says:

    Is it just me, or is Sri Lanka looking a lot like Madagascar these days?

  11. victor says:

    @Cognos: well put, agree.

    It’s about time we stop feeling sorry for the Chinese workers. The alternative for them is to stay put in the inner provinces and do backbreaking work (16 hrs/day) to feed themselves and care for their extended families. That includes their aging parents to whom they still express filial piety as per Confucius’ teaching, unlike here in the “developed” world.