For tonight’s Conversations with Great Minds, Thom Hartmann is joined by Nobel Prize winning economist Dr. Paul Krugman. Krugman received a Ph.D. from MIT – and has taught at several schools including Yale, MIT, and Stanford. He’s written 20 books – including several best-sellers – and over 200 papers on international trade, finance, currencies, and several other areas. He’s the recipient of numerous awards – including the Nobel Prize in economics, which he won in 2008. Currently – he is a professor of economics and current affairs at Princeton University – and you can read Paul Krugman’s work everyday as a columnist on the pages of the New York Times. His new book is titled: End This Depression Now. Europe is in crisis mode. The United States could be headed off a fiscal cliff at the end of the year. And Congress doesn’t seem to know what to do. Tonight Thom speaks with someone who DOES know what to do: Paul Krugman



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6 Responses to “Conversations w/Great Minds – Paul Krugman – End This Depression Now”

  1. Krugman’s a POS economic assclown moron. The currency needs to be revalued, it’s the debt—not what he argues as the fix (more debt).

  2. favjr says:

    That’s kind of funny him claiming to be a “Minsky-ite” when he clearly has nothing to say about solving the debt deflation issue postulated by Irving Fisher. Reminds me how Steve Keen crushed him recently.

    It was nice to see Hartman pose a Fourth Turning question. Krugman’s response was pretty weak on that — not sure he really understands the thesis.

  3. matsaxel says:

    What an awful reporter. Not a single difficult question posed to Krugman.

  4. victor says:

    Paul Krugman is beginning to remind me of Noam Chomsky: both MIT-ers, great minds but in dire need of a lobotomy to remove their political views. Otherwise, Krugman is a great economist (not a real science, but he snagged a Nobel) and Chomsky is a great linguist (a real science, no Nobel yet).

  5. The TRI animal-spirits-plus continue to infer 2013Q1 GDP should surpass the 4% monthly high for GDP back in April 2010. With this robust outlook, further fiscal stimulus (especially using borrowed funds) seems ludicrous and irresponsible ’til the structural deficits are addressed.

    TRI & Debt Wall charts: