Outside of the Greek stock market, if there is one stock to watch as an indicator of what the market thinks of the chances Greece stays in the euro or not, watch De La Rue. Traded in London, they make physical currency and if Greece leaves the euro, a lot of drachma will have to be created and De La Rue would be the likely maker of it. http://www.delarue.com/ProductsSolutions/BanknoteProduction/. Today, De La Rue hit a 52 week high, up 3.2% on the day.

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  1. Boock,

    nice Note on “De La Rue”..

    gives rise to /another/ Industry ‘We’ve’ punted away..



    see also..
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  2. Simon says:

    I’m not surprised De La Rue are up only 3.2%. It would not surprise me at all if Greece having defaulted became, from the country with the largest black market economy and highest use of paper currency, the country with the least physical currency in circulation. It would not surprise me if the entire population became repelled by physical currency, at least in the form of paper…

    If you think about it going through the process of giving up your own currency and then having it trust back upon you by default… is probably not a nice experience.

    I can see a new leg higher in gold launching from the failure of the Euro. If only due to the desire for a versatile generic currency in the parts Europe suffering from currency blues.