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4 Responses to “Europeans fed up with failed austerity policies”

  1. victor says:

    PK’s solution for the US: one party system (D, but not any D, only progressive D’s) and spend, spend, print print. For EU: it’s all Germany’s fault.

  2. Expat says:

    Doctor: We are going to try to cure your cancer with a three month chemotherapy treatment.

    Fifteen minutes later…

    Patient: It’s not working. Your treatment is useless and is just making me suffer needlessly.

  3. ilsm says:


    The Germans are just better at gaming the faults of the euro/ECB/anti democracy form of Stuka-less fascism.


    False equivalence, but very Goebbels.

  4. paulNJ says:

    This man is delusional. Like Europe, we in the U.S. are broke and living on credit. All the Western Democracies have morphed into giant negative amortization borrowers with parasite governments run by an incompetent elite. According to the delusional Krugman, taking on more debt and having goernment spend the money is the answer. Just keep on doing the same thing that got us here, and print if need be, the government will save us. WTF!!!!

    The crazies are the folks like Prof. Krugman that want to continue down this path of decline & default. In the U.S., we have added $5 trillion in debt since Obama took office, and GDP is slightly above the 2007 level. This experiement is the failure, and continuing on this path will only drive us deeper into the ditch. As for money printing, it is immoral theft by government, and it hurts the middle class, savers, eldery and the poor most of all. So much for Progressives looking out for the little guy.