I love this chart from DoubleLine’s Jeff Gundlach NYC presentation last month, with the caveat that much of these attempts were also to rescue the banking system and stimulate a post credit crisis economy:

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Source: Getting There, By DoubleLine


You may assume he was not a fan of the Bailouts . . .


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20 Responses to “Government Options To Solve Credit Crisis/Debt Problem”

  1. craig.r.jackson says:

    At this point, my vote is “print and pay”

  2. craig.r.jackson says:

    At this point, my vote is “print and pay” because there are too many deflationary omens such as EU, Japan, China, along with bubble type RE markets in Canada and AUS. Inflation is the least of the concerns.

  3. lunartop says:

    nice, but not really sure “forgive debt” has really been tried.

  4. VennData says:

    Another solution is if the right wing nuts who like the idea of a one-party state…

    ‘… This is a historic time, and the most powerful people in both parties are so opposed to one another that one side simply has to win out over the other,’


    OK. The last the the GOP had the Presidency, the House and a veto-proof Senate, what did they do? They cut taxes for the rich without any budget cuts and created the Medicare Part D that doesn’t let the gov’t negotiate prices …not satisifed they passed the so-called Ownership Society which let Wall Street banks leverage at 50 to one. He wants the GOP to have all the power again?

    … to LEAVE! That’s right. Michelle “Obama is a Socialist” isn’t lovin’ it I guess, she’s leaving.


    ROF, take the rest of the right wing nuts with you, you’ll love that European Austerity, those secretive banks that allow people to pay no taxes and all those high-tech startups. Go Bachmann! GET OUT!

  5. Dow says:

    Increasing regulations is useless if no one is tasked with enforcing them.

  6. Sunny129 says:

    EXTEND and PRETEND and keep muddling along! Japan did it for 20 y. Why not here. another more+++ couple years?!


  7. Gatsby says:

    Since When were ANY US banks nationalized?

  8. lalaland says:

    uH, none of the ‘already done’ had anything to do with deficit reduction at all. Also, the Republican Party won’t allow for any type of tax increases, so take those off the list, and since default won’t reduce the deficit either lets take that off too. Since sharp spending cuts could increase the deficit by throwing us back into recession (hello UK!) lets remove that, and I’m pretty sure ‘threading the needle’ is impossible as well, considering Congress can’t even pass a transportation bill.

    But other than that it’s 100% spot on.

  9. BennyProfane says:

    Was I out sick when the banks were nationalized?

  10. EdDunkle says:

    How about “stop invading and occupying other countries.” That might save some money.

  11. carleric says:

    Sweden and Iceland seemed to figure it out…why were/are we so stupid? Oh that’s right avoid any pain at any price….what a nation of weaklings!

  12. dead hobo says:

    One word ….. Lottery

  13. JimRino says:

    Just Put Krugman in charge.
    Infrastructure spending has the Greatest Positive Multiplier of All Government Spending.
    Repair your roads and bridges.
    Repair your sewer systems, and water systems while we have a vast surplus of labor, and rates are ultra-low.

  14. JimRino says:

    Krugman: Unemployment across All Segments of the Economy.
    It’s a General Recession.


  15. WFTA says:


    When you’re right, you’re right. The rates are ultra low and there really aren’t enough people to do all the infrastructure that needs to be done. We’d have to build bridges across the Rio Grande to cross the next generation of SS and FICA contributors.

  16. DrSandman says:

    “Since When were ANY US banks nationalized?” Well, I could go ask my friendly neighborhood National City (Cleveland-based) branch….

    Oh wait… Treasury forced PNC to absorb them.

    “Nationalized” is only a semantic distinction compared to what happened to many banks in 2008.

  17. Moopheus says:

    “I love this chart”

    Well, yes, of course you do. We’ve kinda noticed you have a weakness for clever graphics and charts. Yes, you love charts. If it can be made into a chart, you’re all in.

  18. Frilton Miedman says:

    To you guys talkin’ infrastructure, forget it, the GOP won’t agree to a thing that might help Obama get re-elected.

  19. san_fran_sam says:

    Among the “Tried These Already” he left out …

    Cut top marginal income tax rates
    Cut tax rates on dividends and capital gains
    Cut banking regulation
    Raise retirement age for Social Security
    Weaken labor organizing laws

    I am sure i have left some out, but i have to get back to work.