As the June 17th Greek election Part 2 is going to be crafted to be an up or down vote on euro membership, BN is reporting the results of a Greek public issue poll broadcasted on SKAI TV in Athens. The results: 85% want the euro, 12% don’t, with the balance I guess flipping a coin. The Syriza party head wants to stay in the euro but also says screw the EU on the current austerity plans and is playing a game of chicken with the Germans. If the Greek people understand the risks of leaving become highly likely if Syriza leader wins and based on the poll just given, the Greek election just may end like it was thought to the first time prior with New Democracy leader Samaras as the new PM with a coalition government. Greece will then live to fight another day against their creditors but at least within the euro.

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10 Responses to “Greeks want to stay”

  1. Mike in Nola says:

    The Greeks are being defrauded again. But I supposed they are no more stupid than US voters. Misery and unemployment are ennobling while the bankers get paid. There is no way to meet the requirements laid down by the Obersturmbannführer and they will leave after losing even more of what little is left of their national wealth.

  2. Market Panic says:

    But the same poll also showed increased support for Syriza.

    “Syriza had 30 percent support, compared with 28 percent a week earlier, according to a Public Issue poll presented on Athens-based Skai TV today.”

  3. Mike,

    similar to, as was discussed, here, in ’008..

    the AMC (‘Cained Middle Classe) should ~’Quit Now, while there is, still, “Meat left on the Bone”..’

    sadly, it is, too, Poetic that the ‘Chinese’ are fixin to buy AMC Entertainment..

    but, really, as loonnngg as there is, still, SNAP & EUB–’intermediated by JPM, that’s as ‘Long Term’ as the, formerly known as, American Middle Class, cares to *Think..

  4. blackjaquekerouac says:

    and i wanna do bong hits and be a surf bum for the rest of my life. what’s your point?

  5. NoKidding says:

    A+ blackjaque.

  6. DeDude says:

    Amazing that even after having been screwed to the wall by the Euro experiment and been ripped off by the lack of free exchange rates with stronger economies, they still don’t get it. I guess the concepts of fiat currency, free exchange rates and “if others export to you they must take equal values of “imports” back from you” are too complicated – so people revert to simpler “gold coin” concepts. By roping the weaker economies into the Euro, Germany ensured that the “imports” they got back were not bonds in slowly falling currencies. I guess Syriza say that they can have it back in defaulting bonds instead. Not an unreasonable suggestion, but you don’t get to play that game more than once per decade.

  7. Julia Chestnut says:

    Why is it that you think that the Greek people can’t conclude that a new party would be a better negotiator? Why would electing New Democracy back where they caved completely before be an improvement? The situation has fundamentally changed from when the first deal was cut with the Troika. I personally think that Greece can do a hell of a lot better with Syriza – at least their platform is that the people shouldn’t bleed to death for the banks, and they do formally say they want Greece to stay in the Euro. If you need to wipe the slate clean and have to deal with the same creditors, it helps to at least get new people in on the other side of the table.

    Please think this through again. Besides, Greece is really not what is going to decide the Euro – that question is well on its way to being outside anyone’s control.

  8. 873450 says:

    The imagery depicted in one of yesterday’s NYT articles “Germany Points Gun at Greece’s Head” was disturbing, but ironic.

    Germany: We will shoot you in the head if you commit suicide.
    Greece: We will commit suicide if you shoot us in the head.

  9. [...] Greece widely reviles German-imposed austerity, but fears the consequences of leaving the Euro — 85% of Greeks want to stay in. A vote for New Democracy would reflect fear of Drachmatization. Meanwhile, a vote for SYRIZA would [...]