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Most expensive gas ranking: Price per gallon of premium gasoline: 
Norway $9.69
Denmark $9.37
Italy $9.35
Netherland $9.35
Greece $9.23
Sweden $8.97
Hong Kong $8.89
Portugal $8.85
United Kingdom $8.84
Belgium $8.82
France $8.72
Finland $8.59
Germany $8.56
Ireland $8.34
Switzerland $7.95
Slovakia $7.93
Hungary $7.69
Czech Republic $7.59
Japan $7.58
South Korea $7.57
Spain $7.55
Slovenia $7.54
Austria $7.45
Malta $7.32
Latvia $7.26
Luxembourg $7.24
Lithuania $7.24
Estonia $7.05
Poland $7.01
Cyprus $7.00
Bulgaria $6.94
Australia $6.75
Singapore $6.70
Romania $6.59
Chile $6.54
Brazil $6.41
India $6.06
Canada $5.75
South Africa $5.72
Seychelles $5.53
Argentina $5.44
China $5.31
Thailand $4.96
United States $4.19
Indonesia $4.11
Russia $3.71
Malaysia $3.30
Mexico $3.20
Iran $2.78
Nigeria $2.33
United Arab Emirates $1.89
Egypt $1.73
Kuwait $0.88
Saudi Arabia $0.61
Venezuela $0.09

Source: Bloomberg

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16 Responses to “Highest & Cheapest Gas Prices by Country”

  1. VennData says:

    I bet lots of folks will be moving to Saudi Arabia, take a look at those prices! Wow. And if you’re sick of all this talk about a “war on women” and “Gays Galore!” SA’s a place you might like. Real low taxes too.

    Go for it!

  2. maspablo says:

    you think people would eventually realize , Nearly all ( except USA) of developed countries , mute the shock of moves in energy prices by taxing gasoline. Canada is a oil exporter and they pay more for gas than us . There is a reason ! If oil prices change drastically there consumers are less affected !

  3. Jojo says:

    These simplistic comparisons annoy me. I saw some man on the street interview the other day where someone from one of those $9 gallon countries said they didn’t find the price of gas in the USA a problem. Everyone seems to latch onto this type of garbage.

    Many of the high tax countries provide their citizens with a lot more social benefits than the USA does. This makes the taxes added onto gasoline a valid trade-off.

    I would not mind paying more for gas IF we had universal health care, free or very low cost university education, a better social net for the unemployed and so forth. But we don’t, so I DO mind paying more for gas!

  4. A says:

    Can you imagine the ramifications of US drivers paying price $5.00 and above.
    There would be a lot more Civics vs. gas guzzling SUV’s and pickup trucks.

    And the historical ‘vehicle entitlement’ theory would go out the window.

  5. Jack says:

    Let’s do ‘em all. Or most. Line up gasoline, smartphone/cellphone, internet access, TV (cable/satellite) and bottled water. Add a necessity factor (this requires really smart people doing big time arithmetic). Do we need it, want it, desire it, etc.

    And come up with a number that tells us how economically “happy” we are. Sort of a Body Mass Index for our wallets. That way everyone can get on the “scale” and find out what mood they should be in for the day.

    Jesus H. Christ

  6. maspablo says:

    Usa is also only developed country without nationalized health care , so Does that mean its either health care orwe can have cheap gasoline (relatively)??

  7. victor says:

    A lot more Honda Civics @ $5.00/gal? Tell that to the working stiff outside the big cities who NEEDS his truck to make ends meet. Higher gas prices here hurt the poor and the only ones who are advocating for MORE gas taxes are those who can afford them (read elites).

  8. marka says:

    Price in Australia is a bit below $6.00 not $6.75. Make me wonder how accurate their other prices are

  9. Gasper says:

    Here is an example of my calculation from my monthly salary in one of the European country.

    My employee pays for my paycheck 3,000 € and I get 1,500 € monthly on my bank account. This includes helth care, pension (average pension in my country 583 €), public schools (kindergarten not included).

    With my car I make 1,600 km (1,000 miles) a month this makes 105 € for gas (I drive a Prius :) with that I pay aditional 55 €/month to my goverment.

    We are not finished, for every goods you buy you pay tax of 20% (food only 8.5 %, cars over 20%), for a car registration you pay 95 € for highway + 72 € road tax a year (14 €/month).

    This roughly gives me 1,200 € NET

    How would this transale to US system? US$ 46.000 income a Year?

  10. Simon says:

    For goodness sake. The majority of the world buys by the litre!

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  12. silverfox8028 says:

    Why use PREMIUM gasoline prices? It accounts for less than 10% of total gasoline usage and can have large differential prices between other grades. Looks like the author is trying to bias his/her point.


    BR: Consistent grade/octane throughout the world.

  13. DeDude says:


    Well european style health care alone would easily run you $1800 monthly for family coverage. You would also have to put away $500 per child per month to save up for their college education.

  14. Joe Friday says:

    These comparisons are meaningless.

    Italy has a federal income tax but pretty much nobody pays it. Would you rather pay two and a half times as much for gasoline and not pay federal income tax ?

    Some countries don’t have the equivalent of our state level of government. Would you rather pay more for gas and not pay the costs of state governments ?

    Frankly, I don’t know why WE still have state governments. Why do we need 50 driver’s licenses ? Obviously there’s a need for local and federal government, but what is the point of anachronistic state governments any more ?

  15. DSS10 says:

    It’s kinda fun to look at both Norway and Saudi Arabia in that both are major oil producers/suppliers yet both have totally different gasoline pricing policies. Norway is trying to build a trust that will ensure future financial stability for its social programs and Saudi Arabia trying to buy social stability through subsidized gas, housing, and just about anything else.

    Let’s see what happens in 20 years with these two…….

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