Bill Moyers:

Dimon has been one of the most outspoken critics of the Volcker Rule, a section of the Dodd-Frank Act that aims to keep the banks in which you deposit your money from gambling it on their own sometimes-risky investments. Now Dimon has announced that risky trades have cost his company $2 billion in losses. In this April 22, 2012 Moyers Moment from Moyers & Company, Paul Volcker himself responds to Jamie Dimon’s direct complaints about the rule and its effects.

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2 Responses to “Paul Volcker on Jamie Dimon”

  1. kewpiedoll99 says:

    I love how simple he makes it. It aint rocket surgery! You want to speculate, give up the safety net! You want the safety net, don’t speculate!

  2. yvrapx says:

    I am a huge fan of Volcker and it is very unfortunate the US didn’t have more of his ilk to police the hyena’s in the Finance Industry. He illustrates clearly the end game, the banks want free reign to gamble and if they win they keep the gains if they lose the US taxpayer can pay the losses, heads I win,tails you lose doesn’t cut it.