May 18 (Bloomberg) — Barry Ritholtz, chief executive officer of FusionIQ, an equities research firm, talks about the initial public offering of Facebook Inc. and the social network company’s growth outlook. Ritholtz speaks with Erik Schatzker, Sara Eisen and Scarlet Fu on Bloomberg Television’s “InsideTrack.”

Bloomberg, May 18, 2012

Category: IPOs, Video

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4 Responses to “Ritholtz: Facebook Valuation ‘Piggish’”

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  2. greybridge says:

    Agree with Barry .. Facebook would soon do something stupid .. I have shared some thoughts here –

  3. Through the Looking Glass says:

    Barry you are preaching to the choir with me.
    I not being a Facebook type who really doesnt feel the need to visit with everyone in the world who finds the site don’t really get the whole thing. One thing I really dont see is the money . I have never seen and advertisement on FB and don’t want to…. isnt that the point? Are they going to pay people now to let someone advertise in their face or are they going to sell ads to everyone and and make them pop ups in everyone’s Face?
    Count on this, the model has been laid down and the new generation of Facebook clones wont have all that crap that is going to make FB a corporate billboard site.
    Talk about getting the last laugh Zuckerberg may start up his own competition if he is as smart as I think.
    You wont see Craigslist going public.
    Only investors like advertising and they don’t make a site, the people that don’t like advertising made Facebook and they are free to roam to the next cool thing with their FB rolodex…and will.

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