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3 Responses to “The Glamour of the Monaco GP”

  1. mitchw says:

    Barry, Here’s a link to a documentary on the GP.

  2. seth1066 says:

    I’ve been to seven Monaco Gran Prix, spanning 1981 to 2005. Put it on your bucket list. PS- Studio apartments start at about $1.5 mil.

  3. kernelpanic says:

    My brother and I went with some friends to see the Monaco GP in ’94. We were looking forward to seeing Senna race but he passed away at Imola two weeks prior. We were only a few minutes late getting to the track to see first practice but before we got there all the cars stopped and everything went quiet. We soon found out that Karl Wendlinger’s F1 career was effectively ended when he crashed heavily (at the time the stories were that Schumacher was fast but Wendlinger was _really_ fast). The deaths of Ratzenberger and Senna and the crash of Wendlinger sure made for a brutal couple of weeks and a somber mood that weekend.