Amid allegations of selective disclosure of information and technical problems on the NASDAQ, Facebook’s initial public offering has led to a flurry of litigation. According to Roben Farzad and Josh Brown, however, the missteps are unlikely to lead to any meaningful regulatory reform. Roben is a senior writer at Bloomberg Businessweek and Josh is a financial advisor at Fusion Analytics. They talk with Bloomberg Law’s Lee Pacchia.

Bloomberg Law, May 24 2012

Category: IPOs, Regulation, Video

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One Response to “Will Facebook’s IPO Fiasco Force Regulatory Reforms?”

  1. VennData says:

    The FB fiasco will show you just how long it takes the GOP Media Machine to concoct a theory… which no one on The Right is expousing today, but will very soon become “common knowledge” among “conservatives” that it is all the fault of Barney Frank, Pelosi, Reid Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. (And in this case they will have to rewrite the “Sarbox is driving away IPOs from the US” they rolled out a few years back.)

    You know when this talking point reaches its appogee when Maria Bartoromo begins using the term on screen( see ‘job creators”, “fiscal cliff,” “Obama wants to triple dividend taxes”, “Obama doesn’t allow drilling,” “Sarbox is driving away IPOs” etc…etc…