Trick Shot Quarterback, Alex Tanney was signed yesterday by the KC Chiefs. Regardless of setting the NCAA Division III record for passing with 14,249 yards, the NCAA record for touchdowns with 157, and only throwing 30 interceptions in college, Tanney had gone undrafted

Hat tip kottke

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3 Responses to “Alex Tanney Trick Shot Quarterback”

  1. JoseOle says:

    Lordy, how many takes must there have been to get some of those shots. I’m guessing he was not an academic all-American. Imagine the hours wasted.

  2. Tony says:

    Hilarious and remarkable, I don’t care how many takes it took. I’m on the “Tanney for Rookie of the Year” bandwagon now.

  3. MidlifeNocrisis says:

    Having grown up in Kansas City during the era of Hank Stram, Len Dawson and crew of the late 1960′s……….. I’m hoping he can get something going in KC. I no longer live in Missouri but my mother (still in KC) is a die-hard Chiefs fan and she gets her heart broken every year.