Off to a meeting —

I didn’t get to finish a post for this morning, so I will redirect you to yesterday’s post WhoTF Is Giving Howard Stern Financial Advice?

I am on XMSR later today at 4 — I will quietly slink by the Stern studio hopefully unmolested.



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4 Responses to “Financial Advice for Shock Jocks & Others”

  1. Chief Tomahawk says:

    Unless you’re wearing a bikini, Stern’s dresss code, you should be fine!

  2. dead hobo says:

    BR fantasized:

    I will quietly slink by the Stern studio hopefully unmolested

    You go, girl.

  3. AHodge says:

    howards just baring his soul on losses and his own stupid shit
    ask if you helped? tape it.
    seriously strap it on dude, you can take a skinning and gutting about your profession and brokers cant you?
    its mostly good advice,
    except its damn hard to pull the ripcord on a bond ladder

  4. digistar says:

    “I am on XMSR later today at 4 ..”

    XMSR ‘sounds like’ a media appearance? You said you were going to wean yourself off those things.

    I’m not complaining. You are always a breath of fresh air when on the air.