“Individual Mandate to be ruled unconstitutional by the US Supreme Court”

Source: Intrade


As I have said over the years (repeatedly) this is the sort of thing that Intrade gets wrong.

Futures markets are really a focus group unto themselves: When the group is something less representative of the target market, they get it wrong with alarming frequency. Indeed, the further the traders are as a group to the target decision makers/voters, the worse their track record.

Here are the calls that I tracked over the years that were awfully wrong – IMO, it is absolutely due to the fact that the traders as a group have no correlation to the decision-makers:

GOP Retention of Senate (2006)
Michael Jackson Trial Results
Morgan Stanley CEO Purcell resignation
Howard Dean’s Iowa Primary
pre-Election 2004
Election day trading frenzy

Today’s SCOTUS decision is a classic example of why Prediction markets have minimal value.

The Wisdom of Crowds is wildly overstated . . .



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