Back in March of this year, we posted the first part of a two part series in the Think Tank titled Sleepwalking Toward a Precipice.

Part 2 of Sleepwalking Toward a Precipice just went up in the Think tank — be sure to check it out.



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5 Responses to “Sleepwalking . . .”

  1. krice2001 says:

    BR – Not sure either Sleepwalking link is working.

  2. PeterR says:

    Ditto re: links not working. The images open up OK, but no text below.

  3. I see both docs on a PC and an iPad

  4. CANDollar says:

    In Canada in the next few days the majority conservative (Republican) government will pass an omnibus bill that amongst other things:
    - raises the retirement age to 67
    - makes getting unemployment benefits more difficult for repeat users, and tightens eligibility for all users
    - eases environmental approval processes considerably (such as regulations governing rivers and streams that the Northern Gateway pipeline will cross to carry oil to Asia)
    - tightens the level that charities can contribute toward political advocacy and boosting the governments power to audit political advocate groups
    - allows cross border security operations with US Federal law enforcement agencies

    The bill is also mainly a sweeping budget that could get us back to balanced budgets by 2015 with incentives to Canadian taxpayers if this is achieved (such as raising the limit on annual contributions to tax free savings accounts from $5000 to $10000)

    The central bank and Minister of Finance have also recently brought in measures to cool the real estate market such as tightening mortgage eligibility criteria.
    Not sure I like the environmental aspects but because US and Canada are so integrated I hope the US legislatures can pass similar measures in the next several years.

  5. PeterR says:

    No go BR on this end.

    An image of each “book” opens up OK, and comments below, but no text of the contents.

    The images suggest 14/15 pages of content within the books, but the text of this content does not appear here.

    FYI — new MacBook Pro with current OS.